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    Problems with some youtube videos

    Do you also get the message "The author doesn't allow this video to play on iPad" on youtube on the iPad ? ( I get lots of this messages )
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    No airplay ?

    Although I did the upgrade to 4.2 I am unable to see any airplay button when I am playing a music or video. Can someone give me an hint ? Thanks !
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    Best DVD to iPad tool ?

    I want to put some of my favorite DVDs into my iPad, but so far the only program I tried converted "The Avatar" to a 3GB file. Is this a normal size ? Can you recommend better options ? (I used Handbreak). I was looking today to iFunia "DVD to iPad converter" but don't wanna spend lots of...
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    iPad vs iTunes on Windows and iTunes on Apple

    Hi ! One more question :) I have noticed yesterday that when I tried to sync my daughters iPod on my company windows laptop , iTunes give me a message indicating that that the iPod was formatted on "Mac format" and not on "windows format". The question is: can I sync the iPad both on my...
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    16 or 32 GB ?

    Hi ! I think many people must ask this question, but tomorrow I am going to buy my new Ipad and I am still not decided were to go for the 16 or 32 GB ( 100 Euros difference is a lot of money for 16 GB..). What is your advise ? Is 16GB enough for typical use ?