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  1. ucopzaha

    iBook 2

    i heard about ibook 2 what its new feature
  2. ucopzaha

    hard disc for ipad

    seagate came out with the new satelite hard disc for smartphone like ipad, using wifi to stearm our contet to the ipad like movie and so on , did any one know is it available now???
  3. ucopzaha

    photo album ios5 ipad2

    i wanna know about new features dat appear in my photo album, that is photo stream, what is it about? how to use it???
  4. ucopzaha

    need for speed the run

    when did yu guys think it will be out in the app store.....
  5. ucopzaha

    vevo for ipad2

    i have been using vevo with my ipad2 v4.3.3 before i update it with the new v5.0.1 , but after i update my ipad i cannot find vevo in the app store.... what is the problem here? can anyone help me??? is it the vevo not available in v5.0.1 yet? tq
  6. ucopzaha

    infinity blade

    does anyone know what is the problem with my infinity blade 2, it became much slower when i'd update with the ios5.0.1 then the last version of 4.3.3 ..... anybody????
  7. ucopzaha

    notification center

    Hello guys, does anyone know how to add cool widgets in my notification center like weather clock or anything else on my ipad2 ?????
  8. ucopzaha

    Photo album

    Hello, Did anyone know how to create a photo album in the original photo app in ipad 2 version 4.3.3?
  9. ucopzaha

    Accessories for ipad

    What is the best accessories for ipad2 that is worth having it? Besides lather case ?
  10. ucopzaha

    New user

    Hello guys im new here,can u guys know how can i update my ipad 4.3.3 version to ios5 without losing my jailbreak after the update ??? Like some of them said they have some major apps disappear, or can u back up jailbreak apps to icloud???tq...