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    Identifying a new keyboard to use across the board to replace the built in keyboard

    There is a method where you hold down the number toggle key (123) and then slide your finger to the number you want to enter and release, the keyboard will return to the alpha keyboard instantly. If you just have to enter a few numbers this might work OK as a work around.
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    How to get photos off ipad?

    Plug in your iPhone to iTunes, then look in the upper right hand corner and click on the box with your iPhone name in it. On the tabs select "Photos", uncheck "Sync Photos from". Just like you always did before. This assumes that you loaded them onto your iPhone from iTunes.
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    Deleting synced photos

    Go into iTunes and delete them there, then resync. Organize the files before you put them on the iDevice.
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    Deleting Photos

    Delete them in iTunes, then, re-sync to iPad.
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    iPad sync to another PC; orig PC is gone

    To be safe, plug your iPad into Windows PC and then open Windows Explorer and click on your iPad name under "Portable Devices", click "Internal Storage", click on "DCIM" folder, and then copy all of the folders under the DCIM folder to your computer. They should contain all your photo and...
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    Help syncing to new PC

    Check out this ""how to on iLounge Transferring your iTunes Library | iLounge Article
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    Transferring music to ipad3

    To the best of my knowledge. All apps or music with DRM, purchased from Apple under a given Apple ID/account, belong only to that ID/account, and is non-transferable, to any other ID/account, and may not be merged with any other ID/account. However if the music was ripped from CD or other...
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    That sound you hear is my iPad crashing

    Works fine on iPad1 My iPad 1 works fine on all the apps you mention, and many more graphic intensive apps. Try a hard reset, hold the "Power" and "Home" buttons till the Apple icon appears, then release buttons and wait for it to reboot. Try your apps again. To save some memory, be sure to...
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    Company owned ipad lost my homework assignment... where is the video I shot?

    Try looking for "Video" on the Springboard/ home page, it looks like a movie clapboard.
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    Help a newbie! Ipad and Apple TV.

    Considering you are sending it from an iPad @16/44khz or 16/48khz, and that AIFF is lossless, no you won't be able to hear any difference, as the iPad just isn't that good at audio anyway. I have converted FLAC to AIFF at up to 24/192khz and can't hear any difference on a high end stereo...
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    can't enter passcode

    When the lock screen first comes up, just quickly tap the power (top) button, then enter your password. Works for me.
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    Help a newbie! Ipad and Apple TV.

    First off, the Apple TV ver 3 cannot be jailbroken yet, vers 1 and 2 can be JB'd. You should be able to output the audio thru the toslink output to your DAC and on to your PreAmp. The ATV can play 16/48 streams, To play YouTube all you need is the ATV, YouTube is built in and works fine...
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    I want to download photos from PC

    Try "Photo Manager Pro", by Linkus, Inc, in the Apple apps store.
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    Transferring photos from computer to ipad

    Try "Photo Manager Pro", by Linkus,Inc, in the app store.
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    No Apple TV viewing option with YouTube and IO6?

    ATV streaming Both the new ""YouTube and "Jasmine" apps, available on the Apple Apps Store, work fine with streaming to ATV.
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    Differences between 16 and 32 GB

    Most teenagers will fill up a 16GB with tons of music and pictures in about a week if their conservative and only put on their version of the absolute essentials. The only way to upgrade is to buy the 32GB or 64GB model, you can't just purchase extra memory and install it, your stuck with what...
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    I have the Otter Box Defender cases on my iPad 1 and 3, iPhone 4 and 5. One of the best cases out there. There are many others, some equal too, perhaps a little better. Read the reviews on Google. Otter Boxes' older cases were very chunky, but the new ones are smaller and lighter and provide...
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    Calendar inaccuracies

    No, it's about how calendars have changed over time. .title says it all.
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    Calendar inaccuracies

    Wrong day Probably the calendar has changed sense then. Check Wikipedia, it's interesting. As the calendar was updated to be more accurate, many countries were slow to adopt the new calendars, probably causing some dates to be off by a few days.
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    how remove fotos without deleting them in other map

    No PictureFrame setting in Password setup. All I have is "Sri", "Passbook" and "Reply with Message" in the "Allow Access When Locked" box". Nothing about PictureFrame. Weird. I have iPhone5 on IOS6.Also tried hard reset, no change.
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    how remove fotos without deleting them in other map

    What IOS version are you using? In IOS6, there isn't anything under pass code enable that will allow you to do anything with the picture Frame icon on the lock screen. There's nothing under Picture Frame in settings that will disable it. And I don't remember anything under IOS5.x.x that would...
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    Re-restore to 5.1.1

    Try typing 3194 in the search field above you will get at least 400+ answers to your question. In Google you will get over 56,000,000 answers.
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    how remove fotos without deleting them in other map

    Photos are only stored in the Camera Roll, no place else! Except in applications that store their own files, like GoodReader. All other places are just shortcuts to the Camera Roll. Anything deleted from the Camera Roll will be deleted everywhere there's a shortcut to that photo. The only way...
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    I have never sent an email from my ipad and its so boring. Please help me.

    Try removing the "apple." from the outgoing server address (, if that doesn't work remove the ",mail" also (, that"s what my Yahoo/ATT account looks like. The auto setup doesn't work right for Yahoo, keeps adding un-needed things to the address.
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    Any good alternatives of YouTube?

    You Tube sub Jasmine in app store, free.
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    transfer iPad from PC to iMac

    Pc > mac Try this site,Migrating iTunes library between Windows and Mac OS X | iLounge Article have many articles on this type of problem.Good Luck and Happy Days
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    Why does an app say 480mb in itunes but 798mb on my memory usage?

    Compression / Expansion The files are compressed when downloaded, and expanded when put on the iPhone. Therefore 480mb becomes 799mb.
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    Photo album

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    Car connections don't work after the update. Very distressed.

    Have you tried a different cable? Both, voltage for charge and audio, go through the same cable.
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    Deleting photos from the camera roll

    Albums are only shortcuts to the Camera Roll. Delete the Camera Roll pics and you delete them from all albums. There's no duplicate pics on the iDevice, you won't save any space by trying to delete them from the Camera Roll.
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    taskbar has dissappeard

    Try a hard reset, hold the "Power" button and the "Home" button for 15 seconds, until you see the Apple Icon, release. Wait about 2-5 minutes for it to reboot. Cures many odd problems with iDevices.
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    Google Chrome on my Apple iPad2 where it takes me.

    It' good practice after installing new apps, to power down the iDevice and then power it backup, this helps everything get in-sync with each other. If that fails then try a hard reset, hold down the "Power" button and the "Home" button for at least 15 seconds, until you see just the Apple Icon...
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    Video shows in iTunes but not where I downloaded on iPad

    Have you tried looking in the Apple "Video" app?
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    Camera Kit not recognized?

    The CCK USB was intended to work with a cameras USB ports only. It will work some other devices that are self powered or very low powered, such as microphones, etc.
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    Camera Kit not recognized?

    I have and iPad3 and the Camera Connection Kit, and I can copy movies that are in a format that is compatible with VLC and OPlayer, to my SD card and using the CCK and the iFile app, I can play movies easily. The iPad has more than enough power to power most any SD card, I've used several...
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    IPad 3 protection

    The Otter Box Defender series is excellent. I see no real difference in the Retina screen. Keep in mind that the display glass is usually the most often broken part so anything you can do to help, like the screen cover is a must. Also there's no case out there, at least I can afford and still...
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    Ipad 2 wifi speeds - Wireless n

    The 5Ghz is the frequency of the radio frequency use to communicate between wireless devices, not the speed of the download. Your 54mb is a good download speed depending on local conditions. Best case would probably be approximately 90-100mb, you won't see this very often, usually much lower...
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    Gmail and Itunes ?

    Yes you can set up Gmail on many iDevices. Having two or more address is strictly up to you and your personal needs. I have Gmail on all 5 of my iDevices, one account only, works fine.
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    GPS not working when cellular data or wifi off?

    Try a hard reset of the iPad, hold down both the Power and Home buttons until the Apple icon appears, takes about 15 seconds. Wait for it to reboot, it will take up to a couple of minutes or more, don't panic like I did the first time I tried it. You could try uninstalling both apps and...
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    GPS not working when cellular data or wifi off?

    I have both the iPhone4 and the iPad3, and both work with Navigon just fine without Cellular/3G/LTE or WiFi turned on. However Location must be turned ON for GPS to work. Make sure you didn't turn LOCATION OFF in settings.