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    HDMI streaming in background?

    I just got an HDMI adapter for my iPad 3 and it streams Netflix nicely to a TV set,but I would like the IPads screen to be off during playback to save battery life.Is there a way to have the screen off and maintain the movie playing??
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    USB tethering from iphone to Ipad?

    I cant seem to find any info on this,which leads me to believe it cant be done but I will throw it out there anyway.Can I use a data cable from my iphone 4 to my new ipad via the usb adapter and tether them together?Both units are jailbroken,I am aware it can easily be done using wifi,but I...
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    New Member!

    I have been doing all the research on getting a new android tablet and was preparing to wait it out for the Asus TF700 which is due out shortly.The reason I wanted a android tablet was I wanted it to pair it with my Galaxy S3 that is due out in less than a week here,I am first on Best Buys...