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    Doood, I found some!

    Hey dude just velcro the two together and hey presto 32GB ipad/s lol
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    Does the ipad calendar and contact book sync with google?

    You can set-up Google calendar in settings and I think ics files can be read on the iOS 4.2 now but as I have already had an app to do this for me . I think gmail is push but don't have it set as it drains the batteries :)
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    As the OP has stated O2 only do data plans for use in the UK which is strange as you can use your iPhone abroad and I would imagine uses the same data.
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    My iPad can now print!

    The next update For the iPad will now have a print feature built into the ios 4.2
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    Too much to ask for Flash capabilities?

    I also hate the idea of not having flash on my Apple devices but knew this when I bought them so can't complain. As for the HTML 5 I think this will become the way forward and we will no longer complain to Apple as our devices will be complete.........ok almost
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    Is A 7-inch iPad Really on the Way Before Christmas?

    I honestly can't see a smaller iPad soon after all why would Apple invest in a lot of $$$ on the new iPod touch which will be with us next month then launch a smaller iPad which would have a huge impact on touch sales ......
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    Best 3G network for iPad in UK is 3 (

    I was using O2 but as the same as 3 signal was cr@p so now using T-mobile and it good
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    3G and att

    Ipad's are not locked to a particular carrier so you can use any carrier that supports the iPad. I live in the UK and we have at least 4 carriers that we can use.
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    iPad wanna be's

    Why do folk keep posting other crap tablets on an iPad forum .....really why ? This is an iPad only forum and anybody who comes here want info on ipads not some cheap copy. :(
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    My iPad is not charging

    The iPad can't be charged using your pc normally but if you download the following link it may work on your pc ASUS Ai Charger - Quick charge your iPod, iPhone and even iPad!
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    Microsim Cutter and

    I'm using a t-mobile sim cut down and it still works in a spare phone I have
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    AT&T sim

    Hey Guys , I live in the UK and have a T-mobile sim which I have cut down to make a micro sim for my iPad and paid £20.00 for 6months unlimited 3G net. I will going to the states soon on vacation and was thinking about getting an AT&T sim from a auction site and cutting to down to a micro...
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    Is my credit card info safe? iPad 3G stolen w/ SIM

    Sorry about your experience but was in the envelope ?
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    Cannot delete photos

    No you will be able to remove photos via iTunes.
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    Cannot delete photos

    It would appear you can only delete photos you have download via the iPad ie: web pages all other photos will need to be done thru iTunes .....please correct me if I'm wrong
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    O2 pay as you go

    I'm on the T-mobile network and paid £20 for 6 months Internet on my iPad. The 3G coverage is way better than O2 where I work. If you need more info give me a shout :)
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    IPad Stolen

    I'm sure once the device is hook- up to iTunes apple would be able to link the device to an address if the scum*ag register thru iTunes. Hopefully you won't be out of pocket .......buddy
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    Traveling with the Ipad

    Has anybody actually used a prepay AT&T sim in the iPad. I'm from the UK and will be travelling within the California area on vacation and was hoping to use my iPad. I can buy a sim card via e@ay and the seller will also be able to put credit on the sim. Thanks
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    Apple is working on the iPad Mini ?

    Well hopefully get at least multitasking soon as for a bigger screen I think the current iPad has the perfect sized screen.
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    What percentage of iPad owners are running Windows vs Mac on their main PC

    Windows 7 and Vista but will be ditching them both very soon for a new mac mini :)
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    Second Gen iPad this year

    Yeah I'm with MikeTemple on the reports from digitimes. Why would Apple bring out another iPad type product when there's still a huge demand for the current iPad. I can see an updated iPad maybe next summer or so but think all it will get is a camera and possibly a faster chip but no memory...
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    Just a big iPod touch??!!??

    The only thing in common are there both made by Apple :)
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    Here is how to Opt Out of iAds for iOS 4.0

    Maybe a cash cow generator but in the long run Apple will be able to offer us great products at reduced costs so it will benefit everyone although Apple will gain more out of it
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    The iPad Revolution

    Yeah I think Apple has finally changed the computer world with the iPad . Ok the iPad has it's limitations but considering this is a 1st generation model I sure over the next few years it will get better features and the ability to do more things. Well done to everyone at Apple.... Ps I...
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    OK, i'm in!

    Welcome to the club dude:)
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    Official iPad Owners List

    I'm in possession of a 64gig with wi-fi and 3G and just can't put it down well down Apple for another great product :)