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    Gift iPad to Someone without credit card?

    My mother refuses to own a credit card since she got into finacial trouble when she was younger. I thought about buying her an iPad mini for Christmas but in order for her to use it she has to have payment information & a way to pay for apps during set up. I could get her one of those prepaid...
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    If I update to 5.1...

    If I decide to update my jailbroken ipad 2 to 5.1: 1. Will all the tweaks I purchased from Cydia be saved? 2. Will I still be able to take advantage of JB once it is capable on 5.1 3. Will I have any issues after updating? (crashes, incompatibilities with apps, etc?) 4. Will I lose any data...
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    iOS 5.1 is now available in my updates...NOW WHAT?

    OK...I have a jailbroken iPad 2...I just got the notice that 5.1 is available. I know updating will remove my Jailbreak..and any tweaks I downloaded. I am thinking about doing the update...besides being able to test out apps before purchasing them (YES I have tried apps from a piracy-enabling...
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    Anyone have a Mac Mini?

    I have been wanting to add a PC to my home theater to compliment my Google TV...however then as I've been researching more I realized it could REPLACE my Google TV! Again, doing more research I find out Apple makes an AFFORDABLE computer called the Mac Mini that seems really nice! I saw some...
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    Is Iconoclasm Better Than Gridlock?

    I have been using Gridlock on my JB iPad 2 iOS5 and it seems kind of buggy on MY iPad (iPulse theme from Winterboard too). Sometimes I can't move icons around or my Mail icon turns pure white. Sometimes a reboot or respring will temporarily fix it but it eventually returns. I've uninstalled &...
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    Google+ on iPad?

    Is there an app for Google+ in the appstore that I might be missing through search? I've been using the browser site to access it for now but an app would be nice... Thanks
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    Still Undecided On Jailbreaking?

    I am still unsure about whether or not I want to jailbreak my iPad 2 iOS5? I've had my iPad for about 2 weeks now & I am still finding new things to do with it...however I am spending a fortune in apps to do it! I come from the Android World & I have rooted every one of my Android devices & have...
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    Can't Make Paypal Default Payment Type?

    Whenever I try to make Paypal my default payment type in iTunes it goes through the confirmation process but then reverts back to my credit card. How can I change my payment type to Paypal? Thanks
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    New iPad arrived...Tips on what to do first?

    First off I am VERY new to iPad & iOS...I am a huge Android guy & bought the iPad mainly for work (I'm a teacher) and for audio recording (I play guitar). I've already downloaded Garageband. What are some tips on things I should do first? What settings are optimal? Any suggestions on MUST HAVE...
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    Are iPads shipped from Asia?

    I ordered an Apple Certified iPad 2 on Saturday evening & it was shipped out early this AM (Like around 2am)....when I looked at the FedEx tracking I noticed the abbreviations CN, HK and now first I thought CN was Canada but the HK threw me off. Then I looked at the city names & realized...
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    Android & iPad User to the forum & soon to be new to ipad. I just ordered an Apple Certified Refurbished 16gb iPad 2. I currently only own Droids...Acer Iconia A500, Motorola Droid Bionic, Viewsonic gTablet, and the Original Motorola Droid. I bought the iPad because I'm a teacher and my school uses...