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    Guitar trainer app and suitable audio interface

    I use anytune to detune or alter tempo of music files. I understand it can also monitor input of a guitar, but I do not use this capability. I dont imagine the interface is critical...probably something like an irig or equivalent.
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    To buy, or not to buy...'tis a waiting game.

    Marc999, For me, one factor that favors the ipad is the 4:3 aspect ratio screen. However, I watch no movies on it. Since you mentioned netflix, I wonder if a tablet with 16:9 aspect ratio would be better choice for you.
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    Considering an ipad pro but i have a few questions.

    Furthermore, the ipad can connect to a hot spot from a cell phone, but uf your plan does not allow for sharing of data, then the hotspot capability would likely be disabled.
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    Considering an ipad pro but i have a few questions.

    The ipad pro is no different than any other ipad regarding ability to read files from an sd card or usb drive. I suspect you will be disappointed in the very limited ability an ipad has to read files from such devices.
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    Can the iPad replace the desktop or laptop?

    Whether a talet (ipad or other) can replace a desktop is all dependent one what one does with a desktop. For some the answer could be yes, but clearly the desktop can be more efficient for certain tasks and uniquely qualified for others. The question I find myself asking more and more...
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    Noob question: How to get MIDI in&out of iPad air?

    Yes, it opens the camera app when there are photos, but otherwise not. I understand that the ipad is core midi compatible, and I have had no troubles. There are also aftermarket interfaces that allow midi and audio input to the ipad. I have not used these, but they look interesting.
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    Noob question: How to get MIDI in&out of iPad air?

    I have an ipad2. I have used the camera connection kit to connect to usb keyboard, and play through garageband. So...yes....I can confirm it works. I would be very disappointed if the lightning connector did not support this capability.
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    Apple ID confusion

    I did a quick search (google) for "sharing apps between itunes accounts" and it came up with a few possible options. If I were interested in this at my house, I would investigate further. Sorry, but I am just to lazy to check further. Maybe someone else can jump in here who has done this...
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    Apple ID confusion

    The only way I know to do what you want would be to reset your device and start fresh using your ID. I have friends who use separate iTunes accounts, but have somehow found a way to share apps and music between them. I don't know the details, but perhaps that would be an option if you can...
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    Camera Connection Kit - Won't Fit

    That is generally my approach. I forget which shell I have, but my camera kit fits fine without the need of a dremel tool.
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    Camera Kit for iPad 3

    My quick experiment was: a) use PC (windows 8) to create a file on an SD card called "dcim". Add photo b) put SD card into CCK and iPad2 c) attempt to read photo. The experiment failed. I have made no attempt at variations or troubleshooting, but have come to learn that following a naming...
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    iPad and pics

    No reason for apology. The fault is mine. I think I may be in the wrong thread.
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    iPad and pics

    I agree that, for me, there are easier ways to move pictures to the ipad. Whether this is true for all, I cannot say. But, I think the original question concerned moving of pictures via sd cards formatted by a computer and that was the question I was trying to address. naming them something...
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    iPad and pics

    My quick experiment was: a) use PC (windows 8) to create a file on an SD card called "dcim". Add photo b) put SD card into CCK and iPad2 c) attempt to read photo. The experiment failed. I have made no attempt at variations or troubleshooting.
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    Need help

    I think you are dealing with the nature of the iOS beast. I am hoping you can determine the format of the files (may take a PC or Mac) and download the proper app that plays those types. Once downloaded, I believe you will find your problem solved.
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    Need help

    I take this as an indication that 4shared is the only app you have loaded that can do anything with these types of files. Do you know what format are these video files? FLV? WMV? Some other?
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    Camera Kit for iPad 3

    WHOLLY agree with this suggestion, ASSUMING you have a card reader. I would hate to think I would be performing any experiment that you are capable of performing on your own. However, if you are trying to make a decision about whether to purchase a camera kit, I am willing to confirm a few...
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    Camera Kit for iPad 3

    I would have to double-check to be sure. I cannot remember whether I moved pictures from computer to iPad via fresh SD card, or by borrowing my camera's card. If I remember tonight, I will check it out and report back.
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    Camera Kit for iPad 3

    I don't think the iPad cares where the pictures come from, so long as they are in the proper file format (.jpg) and in the proper folder (DCIM). You may also be able to do videos this way, but I have had mixed luck with this, for some reason. No problems with this.
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    A few questions for a potential iPad owner

    To the excellent points made by dune, keep in mind that it can be more than the existence of cameras (iPad 2 has one iPad 1 does not), but also the quality (iPad 2 camera is, in my estimation, not very good). Whether iPad2 camera is good enough for bar codes or star gazing, I don't know...
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    iPad 3: DOUBLE to TRIPLE the data usage - no thanks!

    When I switched from Verizon to TMobile (to save some money), my data usage went down a great deal. I guess TMobile uses less data? More likely, there were things I could not do on TMobile (audio streaming, app updates) that were more possible on Verizon due to the higher speeds and broader...
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    Great, now hubby wants his own iPad

    This does not surprise me. It has been my experience that those of us on the illiterate side of technology find the iOS devices a bit more intuitive and easy to use. The features that tend to favor other types of devices are those that 'tech illiterates" don't value as highly. Of course this...
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    Sound level meter, required on IPad

    I don't use my iPad for this, but DO use an android app on my phone. I have seen others using iOS apps, however. I second giradman's concerns. While I have found these types of apps to be consistent (REPEATABLE), at least...useful for COMPARING sound levels...I have serious doubts about relative...
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    A few questions for a potential iPad owner

    Given your stated requirements, I would go with a mini, or iPad2 (you can still buy these new). Pick the one who's size you like. While some have stated a great affinity for the higher resolution screens of the later versions, I see very little difference...certainly not a couple-hundred dollar...
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    Hi im new ineed a help!

    Much depends on what you think of as "normal" phone calls. If you are speaking of using the iPad like a cell phone, this question has been However, I suspect there are many who make phone calls via the iPad and some type of voice-over-IP type of thing. Google Voice and Skype...
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    Can I switch Mac to pc without losing data?

    Fortunately, I think you are in luck here. Plugging an iPad into the USB port of a PC (at least mine, windows 7 and 8) allows drag-and-drop of pictures onto the DCIM folder (and only that other file access is provided). For broader file sharing with a PC via USB cable, you will...
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    ipad questions

    You should look to devices other than the ipad if these are your requirements.
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    conecting the ipad to internet via ethernet, or not

    In my line of business, that is known as a question one does not ask because one cannot stand the answer. If your intention is to hook up a wifi regardless of permission from the Hotel, you might be better off not asking.
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    I had to use my Laptop/Computer today because......

    Just today, I was trying to respond to another forum (web page, not app). I could not select text for quoting while on iPad. This apparently requires a laptop.
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    When does a newbi no longer a newbi?

    In my mind, if one can answer questions rather than ask, you are not a newbie.
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    What orentation do you use the most? Landscape or portriat?

    landscape or portrait use for me is based entirely upon what I am doing. I primarily use my iPad for web surfing (landscape), watching of videos/TV (landscape), looking at pictures (either, depending on orientation of pictures) and reading of books and manuals (portrait).
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    I had to use my Laptop/Computer today because......

    Rarely do I HAVE to use a laptop (or desktop), but I often CHOOSE to use it because I find it more convenient. Most recently, it was the loading of select video files from a friend's flash memory card. On a daily basis, I choose to read and respond to forums such as this on a desktop or laptop...
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    Calculator that does percentage

    Or you can simply remember that percent (per 100, 100 centimeters in a meter, one hundred cents in a dollar) is a relatively simple math concept. Ten percent, for example is 10 per 100, or 10/100, or .10. If one cares not to understand the math, simply move the decimal point two places to...
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    My iPad2 takes terrible pictures. I have no use for the camera on the iPad2. Fortunately, I have cell phones, real still cameras, and video cameras for when I wish to take pictures. The front camera can be fun, and offers a nice capability for video chat, skype, mirror app, things like that.
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    What would you most want to change about your ipad?

    I continue to hope for real file sharing and widgets, but I have come to accept that this is not going to happen and live/work around these limitations. But, day-in and day-out, let me add my voice to the frustrated chorus complaining of the lack of good cursor control? And, why not a delete...
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    Playing I Pad through audio equipment

    While this is certainly true in my experience, there ARE a great many audio (home theater type) systems that have HDMI and SPDIF optical input. For those who have such systems and a compatible streamer device, streaming via something like an appleTV seems like a very viable option.
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    Getting a ipad

    I don't use screen protectors, either. To me a viable option for cases is a back shell, and neoprene sleeve (with pocket for you various accessories). While I use and like the apple front cover, I agree that it is expensive! However, I have started to notice an occasional sale and clearance...
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    Are you looking to be able to read word, excel, powerpoint slides? Outlook? Notes? Access? I did not find it overly hard to find apps to do basic word processing and spreadsheet, being able to read and write documents compatilbe with word and excel. The build-in mail app seems like a...
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    iPad for the car...

    While the ipad may not be ideal for making phone calls, I disagree with the idea that it cannot. Using skype, it certainly can. Some of the google voice apps also nable phone calls via ipad. But, again, I expect you may find limitations that make the idea less than desirable.
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    Hand-writing notes in margins of a PDF?

    I use the capacitive stylus and iannotate with .pdf files. I would not rely on this to make detailed notes. It is fine for a few words here and there. It is also good for highlighting text and underlines or arrows and such. Ultimately, the capacitive stylus is, in my experience, not precise...