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    Is iTunes 10.4 jailbreak safe?

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    Downgrade iOS 4.3.5 to 4.3.3 with blobs iPad 2 3G question

    Hi I've been doing a little research and seen the latest version of TU will allow a downgrade from 4.3.4 to 4.3.3 with blobs for iPad 2 3G owners. It said along as apple are signing 4.3.4. This window will be closing shortly and will it be possible to downgrade from 4.3.5 to 4.3.3 ?
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    Cheap Chinese CCK or official Apple one?

    I know the official one will be better but it's also more expensive. Has anybody got any experience with either one on iPad 2 jail broken? Thanks
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    Has anybody had an update in cydia from comex?

    He said on a tweet a few days ago that an update will be coming for people who have already jail broken have you? I haven't :S
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    Send SMS messages from iPad 2 3G!!!

    Search swirlysms for iPad 3G and start sending SMS straight away. You must have a plan which supports SMS swell as data
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    Wi-Fi error after. Jailbreaking iPad 2 4.3.3?

    I've found that I've gone into a new wifi network and connected to it fine. But when I lock my iPad 2 and unlock again to check twitter etc. It stays on 3G and doesn't automatically re-connect to the wifi network I have to manually go into setting and tap in the network for it to re-connect and...
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    I've heard 4.3.4 to be released in few days, make sure you JB now!

    Redmond pie said a few days until apple will unveil 4.3.4 to fix jailbreakme 3.0 PDF exploit
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    Mobile Substrate I love you....

    It just saved me from a springboard crash. I advise you all install it if you already haven't :)
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    Is anybodys iPad 2 feel a little warm on the back after jailbreak?

    I noticed early when I was downloading a 500mb game from the App Store the top left of my iPad was very warm and I've never noticed it before. I though it was because I was downloading but after using the iPad normally such as Internet surfing it still felt a little warmer than usual. Has anyone...
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    A poll about which iOS you'll JB (iPad 2)

    What iOS will you be jail breaking on? Wifi + 3G? Wifi? 3G users can't downgrade so be careful :)
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    Is it a possibility...?

    Is it a possibility that Apple could release iOS 4.3.4/4.4 for iPad 2 as soon as they know when @comex will release his JB for iPad 2 to stop future iPad 2's and to catch people out who stayed on 4.3 and who've not updated to 4.3.3? If so, is it worth the leap to iOS 4.3.3 now? Thanks
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    If Comex's iPad 2 JB is for 4.3.3 will you...

    Be upgrading to 4.3.3 or staying where you are and using his tool? Whether it be 4.3 or 4.3.x on your iPad 2? Just wondering and why.
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    iPad 2 insurance?

    Is it worth it and do you know any places I can get it please? Thanks
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    4.2.1 to 4.3.3 jailbreak. sn0wbreeze or redsn0w?

    I have a few things I would like to keep the same but tweaks I realise might not work with 4.3.3. Am I better upgrading in iTunes then using redsn0w or let snow breeze do the work? Thanks IPad 1 btw
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    Would you pay for the iPad 2 jailbreak?

    Your reason and how much you are willing to pay please
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    I'm waiting for a iPad 2 jailbreak. Should I....

    Stay on iOS 4.3.2 or just upgrade to 4.3.3. I don't want to upgrade and find out the jailbreak isn't for 4.3.3 :( Thanks
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    Play off semi final tonight... Reading vs Cardiff

    Predictions? I'm a Aston Villa fan and I'm going for a Reading win
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    iPhone 4 PAYG micro sim work in iPad 2? UK T-Mobile

    T mobile UK advertises this... Hi I'm new so please bear with me :) I see T-Mobile are doing an iPhone 4 PAYG sim for £5 + £10 top up and you get 12 months free Internet at 500mb month. It says at the bottom of the page that it is not for use in iPad but surely a change in APN settings...