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    Why hackers should NOT release iOS 6.1 JB tomorrow

    Like a complete moron, I upgraded my iPad to iOS 6.1 without reading about potential problems. Like LOTS of people are complaining about, iOS 6.1 on my iPad 4th gen is eating my battery life for breakfast. I'm sure Apple did this on purpose and here is how it will play out: ) Apple knows iOS...
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    Have iPad 4th gen with IOS 6, upgrade IOS or wait for JB?

    I have an iPad 4th gen (got it for Xmas) and when I go into Settings, it displays something about a software upgrade being available. Think it would be safe to let it upgrade or should I wait for the Jailbreak? I guess I'm on IOS 6.0.0?!
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    MKV player that supports AC3/DTS audio and plays from WinSMB shares, does this exist?

    So I finally purchased my first iPad and it's the latest 4th gen one running IOS 6. I'm not a n00b when it comes to Apple products as I've had an iPod Touch 4th gen for a LONG time. The iPod Touch is Jailbroken and I installed older versions of OPlayer/Good Player so I could stream movies from...