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  1. Pinkipad2

    Odd Circumstances

    My new eighth generation iPad came with 83% battery. I use it plugged in and it went down to 55% in a few hours. I kinda panicked! Next day I began at 100% but I was down to 65% after five hours. I was not happy but I didn’t scream or yell. The last few days I’ve begun at 100% but I’m down...
  2. Pinkipad2


    How long is the warranty for the iPad? Ten months old and the battery is dying. Someone told me that the warranty is for two years. I’m trading my iPad in for the refund of $250 after they look at it. I’m not counting on that amount yet. Everything crashes and I have reset it multiple...
  3. Pinkipad2

    Delivery Of New IPad

    Just tracked my iPad delivery. It was shipped from China on Saturday and it arrived in Alaska today. The Apple website says delivery is on Monday the 22nd. UPS tracking says delivery is on Thursday the 18th. From Alaska to Massachusetts via Ground shipping is not three days. It isn’t a week...
  4. Pinkipad2

    Case Cover For IPad

    I’m expecting my new iPad next Monday. I’m looking for a new case cover. The covers at Amazon are per the version or generation. Which generation did I order? I think that I ordered the latest iPad . Personalized 10.2-inch iPad Wi-Fi 32GB - Gold
  5. Pinkipad2

    Need A New iPad

    My iPad is crashing on every app. Last week I noticed that the charge isn’t lasting for too long. Yesterday everything crashed. Today is the same. Chrome, Safari and Firefox all crash and my aol email app crashes too. I’m hoping that I can post this without losing it. I have the iPad 2...
  6. Pinkipad2

    Retrieving A File

    I’m trying to upload the cover of the book that I wrote. The website is I open the folder with the images and they are not highlighted. You can only choose a highlighted file. It is lighter grey and unclickable. I saved it in Pages, Documents, and My Files but you...
  7. Pinkipad2

    Suggestions Needed For An App

    I’m looking for a free app for billing purposes. I want to enter the information for the customer, describe the service and total the amount due. I want to email the bill to the customer I would print out a copy of the bill and manually write down the amount paid, date, credit card...
  8. Pinkipad2

    Pages Issue

    I used Pages for a book that I wrote as suggested here. I tried to add a page of text to the page after the cover including the ISBN and the copyright notice. I pasted it in but it came out in 24 point font size. I can’t figure out how to change the text size. I put it in Edit mode and can’t...
  9. Pinkipad2

    Phone Number

    The phone number that shows up above my keyboard screen is not correct. I changed the number in May and it is correct in Settings. How do I change the phone number for automatic fill-in?
  10. Pinkipad2

    Book Writing App

    I’ve written a book using Google Docs. The files are pdf format right now but I can save the chapters in wordx format. I’m seeking a free app for saving my book in a format that I can submit to publishers. I will paste each chapter in the app and then save each time I add a chapter. The Kindle...
  11. Pinkipad2

    Need App Recommendations

    I need a free app for writing a book. Office was suggested but it isn’t free. Something where I can save the document in other apps as well. For example, I’m told that I should backup to several Gmail accounts to be safe.
  12. Pinkipad2

    Recharging Time

    How much time does your iPad take to recharge? How long until the battery goes to a few percent?
  13. Pinkipad2

    iPad Backup Device

    I had found a backup device about the size of an iPhone. I lost the page so went searching on Amazon just now. I saw several flash drives for backup that appear to connect via 8 pin connector with the other end a USB connector. A smaller device is better for me. In theory this sounds great but...
  14. Pinkipad2

    USB Cord To iPad

    Since I can’t install the wireless printer because I can’t get the software to my iPad , I had an idea. Can I use the usb cord from my printer to my iPad? I’m assuming that an adapter would need to be on the end of the usb connector to fit into my iPad 8 pin connection. If I’m right, can I buy...
  15. Pinkipad2

    Charge Cord Question

    I’m looking in the Apple Store for a charger accessory. I’ve found two types and I’m not sure which one I need. I ordered an iPad 7th generation with a lightning port 8 pin connector. Do I want the lightning cable to usb-a or the usb-c to lightning cable? I’m also looking at a 20,000...
  16. Pinkipad2


    I’m expect a new iPad 2 and need a new cover. I saw iPad Smart Cover - (PRODUCT)RED this cover for the iPad but it doesn’t specify iPad 2. Wil it fit my iPad 2? My current cover is stuck on with their adhesive and I don’t want to pull the cover off and tear it.
  17. Pinkipad2

    8P to 30P Adapter ...

    I saw a link to an adapter for 8p to 30p. The 30 pin charger cord is much cheaper and easier to find. I also won’t worry about the cord snapping at the end of the 8p connector. This has happened many times and I have plastic doohickies to hold it firmly in place. But the worry would be less...
  18. Pinkipad2

    Recommendations For Replacement

    My iPad 2 is dying. I’m looking for a replacement but iPad 2 is hard to find new. I don’t want a Pencil model unless I don’t have to use the Pencil. 32gb, WiFi, Basic model What iPad is comparable with iPad 2 and the price of $339?
  19. Pinkipad2

    Can’t Get Email Headers

    On the iPad and iPhone, whether I use the app or the website, my AOL email doesn’t have a Settings link under my name on top. I’m desperately trying to block certain emails addresses from dozens of spams per day. Reporting them to gmail is useless . How can I block email addresses from Aol email...
  20. Pinkipad2

    JavaScript Issue

    ipad 2, using aol email app. I get a link to an Amazon mailing label. Click and it opens a window but browser unknown. If I click the ‘print return label’ box, nothing happens. If I hold t down, it says Java. I tap Open but nothing happens. Research says Safari is the browser and I find...
  21. Pinkipad2

    Touchscreen Frozen

    Used Mini last night and all was fine. Unplugged headphones and tried to tap an app and nothing happens. Double click Home and three open apps show but clicking doesn’t work. It’s as if my screen has no ability to recognize a touch. How do I fix this without resetting it? I don’t have a...
  22. Pinkipad2

    iPad Mini Frozen & Needs Defrosting!

    My iPad Mini froze up on me last night. I swiped down and accidentally got the Notifications screen. I swiped up but it froze halfway up. I shut it but it came back the same. You can see half the background app but clicking doesn’t work. I slide to shut down but that won’t work as the screen is...
  23. Pinkipad2

    Flash Drive

    I run a program from a USB drive. Is there an adapter I can buy to use a flash drive on my iPad 2? I know for my Windows Dell Venue 8 tablet I bought OTG converters
  24. Pinkipad2

    Need FTP recommendations

    I'm used to Windows-based FTP programs but am trying out different apps. One won't save anything though it says it does. Another won't show dot files like .htaccess . Any recommendations for free FTP apps that work?
  25. Pinkipad2

    I need Java! ( not a cup of coffee)

    I need Java but I need something else first I am installing a password manager and it needs a bookmarks bar. So I'm trying to add the button (to have it auto-login) to Safari. I follow the steps to bookmark it, edit the URL and save it. But the URL is a JavaScript command line. I look up...
  26. Pinkipad2

    Recommend software

    I need an FTP client that is easy to use. I also need to be able to move folders simply, if I download a zip, I need to open it in that FTP client and get it where I need it. Right now I can only open in the program my iPad suggests. I also need to copy folders and paste where I want. For...
  27. Pinkipad2

    Downloads go where?.!?!

    I use FTP To Go and want to view a file. So I download the CSS page to edit it. Where is it????
  28. Pinkipad2

    Update time ...

    I got the notice to update iOS. Now, I just did my first update to 5.something. My first update and it was a learning experience with backups, clouds, Apple to Dell Windows backup, etc. For this update, how do I do it? Backups, then update, then restore via iTunes? (I have memory issues)
  29. Pinkipad2


    Can I play wmv files on my iPad 2? If so which app?
  30. Pinkipad2

    Upgrading to the latest iOS

    My iPad is apparently running an outdated iOS. I had tried to do something in the App Store I think (bad memory) and it said I needed iOS 5.0 or higher. This will be my first attempt at upgrading. I'm a Windows person and am just uncomfortably unfamiliar with Apple. I don't have a backup...
  31. Pinkipad2

    Ear buds?

    I have an iPad 2 and want to listen to radio stations while I surf the Internet. Can I use standard earphones or ear buds and if so, where is the connection? I don't have it in front of me but don' remember a place to plug it into.
  32. Pinkipad2

    Mail app

    I need to set up Fingerprint. It tells me to go into the Mail app, reply, etc. I use individual apps, but dug out the Mail app. I need to configure each account but can't see how. I did it a year ago and all 3 have changed passes, etc. I have looked for icons but fount a list of accounts ...
  33. Pinkipad2

    Cloud Print

    Has anyone set up Google Cloud Print on an iPad 2? If so, how do you set it up? Their insruction weren't clear enough. I know you save in Docs, but then you print from PC? What if you want to print a web page? How do you save it as PDF to print? Do you like it?
  34. Pinkipad2

    Backup help

    I have instructios to backup to iPad 2 -- Connect iPad to PC via USB. Run iTunes on PC. Click on Devices, Backup to this computer, Sync. But ... can I backup to an external hard drive instead of my PC? I would rather keep an Apple backup off of my Windows PC.
  35. Pinkipad2

    Email app

    I was going to install Fingerprint 2 on my PC but ran into an issue. To get it to work with my iPad 2, it says, "Go to you Apple email app on your IOS." On my iPad, I do use AOL mail, Gmail and What is the Apple email app? I assume it is at the Apple Store but want to get the right...
  36. Pinkipad2

    USB Cable

    I am ready to backup my iPad 2 to my PC. I need to buy the correct USB cord. What specific type do I want? I have male-to-male for my PC but I assume I need an Apple to Windows type.
  37. Pinkipad2

    Can't get Apis, so I ...

    Have to upgrade to iOS 5.0. I bought a USB cord for this. But I don't remember how. Could I please get directions again?
  38. Pinkipad2

    HTML Editor

    When I put up my first site in 1994, I used Hot Dog Pro. It was easy -- click a button and the code would appear. I learned to code by hand from that. I'd study the completed page. I'm looking for a similar app for the iPad . Due to memory loss, I can't hand code.
  39. Pinkipad2

    How do I. ...

    ... reach the Android Market in your popup? I am on my Kyros tablet and when I land on this site, I get two popups. One asks if I want the site app when I click OK, I get sent to market://. Obviously that won't work. ...What is the address prefix? [Moderator Edit: dead link removed. Please...
  40. Pinkipad2

    How to scroll...

    ... Through a box. For example, if the box I'm typing in was full, how would you scroll through it? I tried on one site but you can't get past the last line showing. In reality it is a WordPress text box I need to edit. I can click in it, but can't move beyond what is showing. I'd like...