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    ipad bumper case?

    Does anyone know of any ipad bumper cases? I'm looking for a bumper similar to the one for the iphone 4. I just ordered a front+back decal so I don't really have a need for an entire back shell :D If not, what's a good clear back shell you would recommend?
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    Selling iPad.. retain data plan?

    Hey everyone, I just got a 32GB WiFi model as I've realized I don't use the 3G function much. Anyway, is it possible to retain the unlimited data plan (using new billing info) when selling it? My buyer wants the unlimited data plan Could they just change the billing info? Any tips would be...
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    Swapping SIM

    Does anyone know if I can swap out the SIM without losing my dataplan? The reason I ask is because I'm starting to think that 16GB isn't enough for me :( I want the option to move to a 32GB later on :D