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    Picture selector

    Hi there Im sure many of us have many picture which take up a lot of hard drive space. Is there a program which can randomly select images up to a certain amount of space. For example: if you want to select pictures upto 10 gigs of space, the program will randomly select from a...
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    Aligata case opinions and others

    Hi there! Ive been looking far and wide to find the case that I want. I thought it would be as easy as 1-2-3, but boy, has it been hard to find the right 1. All I am asking is for is a folio with 1. Slide in ipad rather than 4 elastic type things holding it down 2. No magnets, since...
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    Can't download adobe flash player to ipad

    Oh, didnt know that flash was not compatible with the ipad....thats a bummer
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    Very Nice iPad Wallpapers

    Great website! Thanks for sharing :D
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    Folio case suggestions

    I was going to say that I liked the incase folio case, but thanks for the review! Is there any other case similar to the incase? Zoogue too, mostly what I am looking for, but the logo is just stands out tooo much with the large font. Any other recommendations? Thanks for...
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    Folio case suggestions

    Hi there Havent received my iPad yet but its been ordered. I ordered the WiFi plus 3G ipad. Of course now, I am looking for a case, and I would be super appreciative if people could help me choose a specific one. I have searched around on the net but have not been able to find the one...