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    Media player with AC3 codec

    Whenever I sync certain movie files to media players on my iPad eg. GPlayer or EC Player, these players do not support movie files which require AC3 codec and hence the movies play without any audio. Are there any media players in App store which will solve this problem?
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    Shutting down apps

    When I double press the Home button on my iPad 2, a row of app icons appear at the bottom of the screen showing all the apps running in the background. Is it important to manually shut them down one by one if not using them? Does it eat up more battery juice if I leave them running?
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    iDevice charger compatibility with other electronic devices

    I have a Jaybird Freedom bluetooth earphone which charges via a USB cable. I am wondering if I could plug it into the power adapter of my iPad 2 or iPhone 4S AC charger when I travel, since I do not have my PC with me. I checked with the Jaybird earphone manufacturer, and they said that they do...
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    iPad 2 USB cable and power adapter

    Can anybody tell me if there's a difference in terms of charging speed of the iPhone USB cable and that of the iPad 2 USB cable? I notice that when I charge my Ipad 2 using the original USB cable and power adapter that came with my iPhone 3GS, it charges at a much slower rate compared to when I...
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    Problem with colour display of pdf file in iBooks app on iPad 2

    When I add a magazine in the form of pdf to my iBooks app on my iPad 2, the colour of the pages appear different (picture on the right) from the original (picture on the left) on my PC. The magazine colours appear to look like that of a film negative on my iBooks app. Why does this happen? How...
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    Charging speed of USB cable

    So is it true that old USB charger cables for iPad/iPhone charge the iDevices at a much lower speed compared to brand new ones?
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    syncing iPhone and iPad with iTunes

    I have an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2 which I sync to the same iTunes on my home PC. Every time I connect my iPhone to my iTunes, it invariably gets synced with whatever apps, music, movies and books which I synced to my iPad 2. How do I configure my iTunes in such a way that I sync different sets...