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    Spam filter on ipad

    Dnd also affects if you get calls.... On android you can set when it checks email and block email address's or domains easily.....seams to me that Apple is falling behind in the email program department....
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    Spam filter on ipad

    How come there is no spam filter built into Apple email used n the ipad or iphone? And why isn't there isn't a way to control when your email is checked so I don't get worked up in the middle of the might for a spam email.....
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    Spam filter on ipad

    How come there is no spam f
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    Not upgrading to ios 7

    Don't do the update. My iPad went from looking cool and working good to looking like a stupid kid toy pad..... What a downgrade ios7 is.... I shouldn't have done it and Apple shouldn't have made it
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    iOS 7 on iPad 2

    I hate it..... They removed things and it looks stupid.... The looks are not an improvement
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    iOS 7 - first impressions

    Ios 7 sucks Anyone else think that ios7 sucks? It looks stupid and i lost features...... I would give it a 0
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    Spam filer on ipad and iphone

    Is there a good way to filter spam to my iPad and iPhone. I have my own domain and they charge extra for this.
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    Wifi sync issue

    It didn't help. Any other ideas?
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    ios updateanyone try it

    Anyone download the new iOS update? Anything to watch out for?
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    Wifi sync issue

    I'm having issues syncing over wifi... I have turned on the sync over wifi and it still doesn't work. Any ideas?
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    Downloading podcast

    Would like iTunes to automatically download podcast and sync them to the iPhone I'm going to get soon.... Is there way to do this?
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    Ios 5.1

    Anyone do the upgrade? Any issues that I need to watch out for?
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    Is there a program to help filter emails when they come in on your iPad? Something like a junk mail button.
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    Spam filter

    Is there a spam filter for the iPad? I want to be able to filter my email and mark email as spam....
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    Apps for church ?

    Depends on what you want to do with it? Your question would be like me saying . I need a truck at should I get. it depends on what I need to do with it and where I live
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    Ipad1 ipad 2 sync to itunes

    Thanks. I'll do that
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    Ipad1 ipad 2 sync to itunes

    Hen I download an app to my iPad2 and sync both it installes the app that I installed on the iPad2 on the ipad1. How cme and can I stop this?
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    iPad 2 DIY Charger

    How much power does the iPad require to charge?
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    Email spam filter for ipad

    Anyone know about a app for filtering spam on your ipad?
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    Screen not rotating

    Hen I rotate my iPad the screen doesn't rotate. The side switch is set for mute.
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    So it is a bad design by apple
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    Tried putting it in a folder and it won't let me. How come?
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    iOS 5 Is Finally Here!

    So far ios 5 sucks
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    iOS 5

    Can you roll back to a previous version if iPad software. I have a lot of programs that won't work in ios 5
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    Most apps not on iPad after ios 5.0 upgrade.

    How come and when I go to apps in iTunes andctrycto drag them to the iPad it won't do it. How do I fix this?
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    Input and output for an ipad

    S the headphone jack on an iPad an input output or just output? Is it tip ring sleeve or tip ring ring sleeve?
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    why cant i update the 4.35 version

    I didn't think you needed virus protection on apple devices? Is there one that is good and free
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    Remote control an ipad from an ipad

    I would like to remote control my wife's iPad from my iPad if she needs help. Is there a way o do this. I use log me in, I do not have the iPad a app yet. I know it will control a computer but will it let me run an iPad remotely
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    Imap email

    That worked. Thanks
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    Imap email

    I had my email set up at pop3 email and I changed it to imap. When I delete an email it says it can't move it to the trash folder..... I want to use imap so when I delete email on my cell it deletes it on my iPad....