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  1. J

    Ipad 3rd gen jitters

    It's happening to a lot more people then I thought it looks like facebook is messed up just tried it man is it glitchy
  2. J

    Ibooks how to get free books for children and for any reader of any age

    so this tutorial will cover macintosh only for windows users modify it as you see fit. HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED: 1. CALIBRE FOR MACINTOSH 2. MAC OS X 10.6,10.7,10.8 3. LATEST VERSION OF ITUNES 4. THE GUTENBURG PROJECT WEB SITE HERE IS A STEP BY STEP GUIDE. 1. DOWNLOAD CALIBRE FOR...
  3. J

    Minecraft PE not bad on ipad but you need a flik stick to use the camera controls

    o i purchased minecraft pe for ipad and i have to say even though i am running it on a ipad 1 it looks nice and plays as expected but you really need the analog stick adapter for the ipad in order for it to function right i hope they update the software soon but it is worth picking up for 6.99
  4. J

    Ipad 3rd gen jitters

    sounds like bad internet connection or slow internet connection can cause the jitters make sure your on broadband not dsl it helps
  5. J

    deleting ALL photos

    Actually if he has the option to sync photos turned on in itunes no matter what he does the ipad will just transfer them back i also recommend a factory restore but make sure when you connect your ipad for the first time after the restore to tell it not to restore from backup and do a clean set...
  6. J

    Best Keyboard for iPad 1?

    Myself i purchased a Ihome Case with keyboard it cost me 50.00 u.s and it works nice but i wouldn't pay any more then 50.00 for a keyboard
  7. J

    USB Connection

    am i missing something as well?????? there is a Ipad usb dock converter it converts the dock clip to usb but the ipad was designed with a headset and mic jack in one port the headphone jack on the ipad also has built in mic functions so why bluetooth???
  8. J

    Wi-fi problems

    Question??? Which type of router are you using??? Who is our isp??? what channel is your wifi set to????? here is why if you have a lot of wireless networks around by where you live at you might be conflicting with another router on the same channel as your wifi settings
  9. J

    The frustrations of iPad.

    Actually getting pdf files onto a ipad is easy very easy but you need a macintosh and a copy of calibre for mac it makes pdf's into ibooks and you can use the ibook reader as a pdf viewer on your ipad as well as iphone but i have no clue if theres a windows version search calibre in google and...
  10. J

    Problem after jailbreak

    actually i did check the facts and i have jailbroken several apple devices the reason i said to do the research is there are outdated information on several sites that have the older beta versions linked to it these versions caused the firmware corruption and the reason i know this is because i...
  11. J

    How many people here actually use a screen protector?

    I actually use a screen protector to protect my investment
  12. J

    Car connections don't work after the update. Very distressed.

    Here is a thought did you know that 5.1.1 removes unauthorized apple devices from the Ipad Iphone and Ipod Touch devices that use to function no longer do this is due to a bunch of explosive chargers key word there explosive chargers that came from other country's that where not authorized one...
  13. J

    Solar Walk amazinng application for college learning about the solar system and space

    So i purchased solar walk from the apps for college section in the app store for the Ipad and i have to say it's amazing a 3d solar system app it even locates satelites around the earth it's not bad for what it does it's a great visual learning tool and a pretty awesome app and weird i am not...
  14. J

    Problem after jailbreak

    I have to say it time and time again the reason you got shafted is because you dont carefully read the instruction's. Listen up. 1. The jailbreak doesn't work on 5.1 and on 5.1.1 it has some new dd protocals that block the sim card on the 4g and 3g models it also has some new commands that...
  15. J

    ipad running very slow after upgrade the software 5.1.1

    do a restore it might fix the issues you are having
  16. J

    Making sense of the Zaggmate Keyboard.

    you know i have to say i saw the zagg but i didn't like it because i was worried about it scratching the side of the ipad so i purchased the ihome case for the ipad 2 and 3 but it also fits the ipad 1