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    Got my air yesterday and christ I am really really really impressed with the weight and bezel changes..... One day in and I have to say I am in love. Hope everyone else loves this pad as much as me.
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    Lost audiobooks

    Hope someone can help with this. Just bought a new laptop and did a restore on my ipad but although everything else is available on my purchased list audiobooks are not. I go to the ones I know I have bought and they give me the option to purchase again but not download. Everytime I go to them...
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    white ipad discolour ?

    I decided after having ipad 2 and ipod touch black to get the new ipad in white so it did not seem quite as samey. Trouble is I ended up with black cos Apple store ipads seemed really dirty white towards the adverts. Do they end up losing teir lovelyness after a few months and going creamy...
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    IOS 6 Internet probs

    My I-PAD keeps reporting that I have no internet connection no matter how many times I reboot connects eventually but is it happening to anyone else and does anyone know if I can re-install IOS 6 in case something has gone wrong ?
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    IOS Upgrade

    Hi just upgradeded new ipad but how come no ipod 3rd gen upgrade or is it coming later ?
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    Purchases gone

    Please help I have tried everything I can think of but to no avail. I used my birthday money on I tunes cards and went on a spending spree buying all sorts of games and apps but unfortunately soon filled up all my memory so I thought I would reset my I-pad and for the time being just put the...
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    safari search

    I do not go on safari very often but when I do I always have to type in the top search box . Is there any way to get the google search box in the middle of the screen like I use in firefox on my laptop cos I really want to start all my surfing on I-PAD instead of PC but I just cannot stand...
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    Charging problem ?

    Most of the time I have no problem but four or five times now I have charged my ipad and when i turn it on it is stuck at 98 percent no matter how much longer I leave it charging. Then I can use it for a while and it goes straight to 100 no problem . Should I be worried ?
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    IPAD 4 What do you want ?

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    Incredibooth retina display version

    Does anyone know what this trash is supposed to do spent 69p on game and 2x 69p on extra stuff for it and it is the same thing takes a passport photo no effects no messing about nothing exactly the same. What the heck is it supposed to do cos it gets five stars in app store....
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    synching issues

    I had to connect my new ipad to my pc to install some mp3 files but even though the music only took up one and a half gig I have lost five gig since synching according to my ipad usage statistics. Absolutely nothing else was transferred to ipad and it is driving me potty. Please what have I done...
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    synching music

    I spent all day setting up my new ipad but wanted some music off my computer now itunes is downloading installing and synching all sorts of crap that I do not want on it when i pulled the usb lead out nothing looked like it had been put on the ipad and i searched everywhere believe me but some...
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    Showing off / Bragging rights

    Help me pleassse. What is the best app game whatever to show uff my new little baby ? Every time I have tried upto now all I have got are yawns and yeah yeah cannot tell the difference from people and I must admit it really is pissing me off.
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    Transferring just video and music

    Hi guys I just got my new ipad and have an ipod touch 32 gig The trouble is my ipod is crammed with games and demos for ipod and I do not want to fill my ipad on day one with ipod touch apps and games but I do want to transfer my music and videos could you help me out please. Thanks...
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    Buying new ipad from apple stores

    Hope someone can help me on this cos none of my local branches of currys, comet, HMV, WH Smith, Asda Tesco etc will even admit that they will have the Ipad in stock on friday so will not let me put down a deposit or reserve an Ipad at all. The only people that say they will have it in stock is...
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    Buying new ipad

    Can I only get the new ipad by going online and paying the lot upfront to apple if I want it for release day or can I put a deposit down at pcworld or currys etc or can I get it by queueing at the nearest apple store for a few hours ? I ask this guys cos I am totally skint at the moment but I...
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    new ipad prices

    Hi guys can anybody lend me £479.99 please.
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    ipad 3 inquiry

    Hi guys just sold my ipad 2 for a great price considering announcement tomorrow but I must admit I am a little worried over all the apps I bought for it. Am I right or am I very sadly mistaken that I will be able to install all the stuff I bought music games etc onto my ipad 3 when I get it ?
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    Deleting and reinstalling

    Hope you can help me cos I do not wanna lose my stuff so here is my plan...... My ipad is stuffed with all sorts of stuff that I either do not use or is so large that it takes up so much #space is hindering me in my ability to buy and try out other stuff so can I definitely delete most stuff off...
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    Netflix help

    Just sorted a months free trial on netflix but have no idea how to use on ipad cos it is not in the app store. Any help would be great cos I just cancelled lovefilm and now I havent got anything. Thanks guys
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    Non I-tunes music and video

    I had tons of music albums and videos from youtube on my ipod touch which worked fantastic so I never bothered to keep a backup copy but when I upgraded to ios 5 everything and I do mean everything I ever put on my ipod touch which was not from I-tunes itself disappeared. Is that normal or am I...
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    Deleted apps

    I have been deleting all sorts of stuff from my ipad 2 to make myself some room cos I was down to just 200 megabytes. I deleted a game {asphalt 6} which was massive but later decided to reinstall it. I was under the impression that anything I have bought can be downloaded again anytime cos I...
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    Re-downloading paid for apps

    When i click on my downloads in itunes it lists everything i have ever downloaded rather than stuff i have paid for. Trouble is when i had an ipod touch 64 gig I downloaded well over a thousand free games and demos and some I did go on to pay for fully. Is there any way at all to have it show me...
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    app store help

    my ipad appstore icon sends me to its app store but stuff i know is on there just cannot be found it seems that it just has a couple of hundred games and will not find stuff i know is there cos if i open itunes on pc it finds it immediately please help cos it is driving me potty
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    am i paranoid

    hi new here but just bought new ipad 2 and when i tried yo set it up there was an apple id without npassword already there. this wurried me a little but then when i went to itunes to upgrade the os which has only been out a few weeks it was already updated. am i paranoid or have i been sold a...