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    Need easy way to switch from DHCP to Static IP

    Our church school has a small wireless network. I try to support it. For some reason, lately it has stopped giving IP addresses to some machines. Wireless, anyhow. Wired still seems to work OK. Most of the teachers have Windows machines and I install a program called NetSetMan which lets...
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    iPad 1 resets while using

    We gave my mother-in-law an iPad for her 90th. She seems to like it. When things go wrong, it comes back to me. Unfortunately, I am a Windows guy. But you folks have been helpful in the past, so I am hoping you will be again. The problem does not happen with every app. With the apps that...
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    4.2 upgrade scariness

    We got my 90 year old mother-i-law an iPad this summer. She seems to like it a lot. I loaded it with a few apps and some videos and a bunch of pictures. She mostly uses it for email. Her own computer does not run iTunes and I don't think she would know how to sync it if it did. I'm a...
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    Anybody got a good dominoes game?

    Specifically, looking for Mexican Train Dominoes. Preferably a single player vs. computer rather than an online game.
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    No HELP key

    I think one of the major design lacks of he iPad is the lack of a universal HELP key (F1). Load an app and try to guess how it works is a lousy user experience. Some provide an opening screen with instructions but once in the program there is no way to pop back for details. If there are any.
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    Hi, I'm Paul

    Bought an iPad to give to my 90 year old Mother-in-Law. She has been getting along OK with her UNR netbook but I think she will like this. Spent a week loading apps for her. Only found this site when I got the camera adapter and was trying to find a way to rename an album on the iPad...