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    need help newbie "What is the best app for note taking" but i also need........

    Notes Plus is the best for me. It doesn't convert handwriting to text, but I like how easily you can switch from text to writing anywhere on the page, as well as the delete gesture and ability to save as PDF. It also has a Record button so you can record lectures. There's so many options it's...
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    Congratulation - New iPAD Application of OUR Forum

    Just downloaded... It rocks! It's faster than the webpage, haha.
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    Congratulation - New iPAD Application of OUR Forum

    Awesome, I was hoping for this app, haha. Just never bothered to look I guess!
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    What is your favourite iPad app?

    Netflix price went up by $1 last month I believe. It's $9.99 now w/ DVD, and still $2 extra if you want blu-rays. They also introduced a streaming-only subscription, which I think was $7.99 if I recall correctly.
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    An interesting read...are the competitors doing it wrong?

    I prefer the Android OS over iOS for its functionality and customization, but during the past year of owning my Android phone, I wished it was an iPhone only because of the apps. In general, most companies release a "mobile app" on the iPhone while ignoring Android. For example, I waited months...
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    how can I reinstall Safari on my ipad

    So am I understanding this correctly... If someone else signs into their iTunes on my iPad, and gets an app from the store, I can still use the app even if I'm signed in with my own account?
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    Writepad + what stylus?

    I just watched a video review of WritePad and the guy said the handwriting recognition isn't always 100%... his estimate was that it works about 80% of the time. Not good enough for me, especially for taking notes where you don't have time to keep correcting your mistakes. I recommend these...
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    My Review of the Acase 2nd Gen Capacitive Stylus WITH PICS!!

    I found Notes Plus to be the easiest and fastest to use, at least for my purposes. I really love the "delete" gesture (quick back-and-forth stroke will delete a word or whatever you want) and the ability to write or type anywhere. The zoomed-in big writing box with the auto-scrolling feature is...
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    an app for....

    There are some apps on Android that block/remove ads from apps. I used one once... it was pretty cool. I'm not sure Apple would go for it though... maybe something on Cydia? Haven't really looked into it...
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    iPAD Keyboard - Is it a joke ?

    I noticed it the very first time I looked at the keyboard, actually. It's just to give it a more realistic look... really not that big of a deal.
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    VLC player removed from App Store - Sucks big green donkey b...s

    Man, I should've downloaded this app the other day when I was looking at it in the App Store... :( Is the streaming app gone too?
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    New Angry Birds HD Free Version Released for iPad

    I noticed this too... I downloaded both to my phone (Droid Eris) but they run terribly. My phone sucks.
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    Refunds on apps?

    Wow I didn't know that... thanks for the tip. Now I'll be sure to try out my apps right away after buying them, haha. Really? I didn't know that... now I'm even more irritated! Can the categories be browsed anywhere else? Like iTunes or the website or something? Or is only on an iPod or...
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    My Review of the Acase 2nd Gen Capacitive Stylus WITH PICS!!

    Well upon further review, this stylus is okay. I found that many of my complaints and initial frustration were due to the app I was using (smartNote). I got Notes Plus yesterday and now I can write just fine with this stylus. I still would prefer a more solid tip, but this new app registers...
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    Best note taking app for iPad

    Well with class starting on Monday, it was time to make a decision and get some practice in so I can take notes. For me, it came down to Notes Plus and Note Taker HD. I finally bought Notes Plus yesterday and I have to say I absolutely love it. The lack of typing ability is what gave Note...
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    Refunds on apps?

    This is the worst thing about the App Store. On Android, you have 24 hours to get a refund after you buy an app, FOR ANY REASON. I have no idea why Apple doesn't do this. I'm hesitant to spend money on something that I'm not even sure if I'll like. And while I'm complaining about the App...
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    My Review of the Acase 2nd Gen Capacitive Stylus WITH PICS!!

    I have the same complaints as you about the tip, I absolutely cannot stand it. Is the Griffin tip more solid? I feel like that's the biggest reason why this one doesn't work well... It's just too squishy and you have to press too hard to get it to register. I want something where I can touch...
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    New Angry Birds HD Free Version Released for iPad

    Well I played and completed this game rather quickly... I sure hope the paid version has a lot more levels than that. But even more importantly... What is the big deal about this game??? I just don't get it! It was decent enough, but certainly not the best game I've ever played... I really...
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    How do I bookmark in 4.2?

    This drove me nuts for a few minutes the other day until I figured it out, haha. There aren't many buttons in Safari, after all ;) Anyway, you just click the rightmost button on the top toolbar, the one that looks like a box with an arrow coming out. Then the first option in the menu is Add...
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    Anyone hoping for new ios UI

    I don't like the whole idea of the way the home screens work. You have all of your apps on screen(s), only ordered by however you arranged them. On my Android phone, I can put whatever apps I want on the screens, or even have none at all for a nice clean look. Then I click the app launcher...
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    [Best] iPad Game Reviews

    Great thread, thanks for this. I'll look into a lot of these. Could you mention if they are free or paid games though?
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    What is the best iPad case w/bluetooth keyboard?

    I bought the Zaggmate the other day from Best Buy... It was pretty awesome, but I actually returned it today. It's a great quality keyboard, and I loved the way it looks when "closed" with the iPad, but my biggest issue was what to do with it when I'm not using it. Like when I get my iPad out...
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    Using Moto Droid to Tether iPad

    Did you figure this out? I have a rooted HTC Droid Eris, running KaosFroyo (CM6-based 2.2 ROM). When I use the Wireless Tether app, I start the tether, the iPad sees it and asks for the password, I type it in and it accepts it, yet I cannot access the internet. I can not figure out what I'm...
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    My Review of the Acase 2nd Gen Capacitive Stylus WITH PICS!!

    Well I got mine today and I'm pretty sure I hate it. The first thing I noticed was that it's obnoxiously loud with the tether attached, which would be very annoying in a classroom setting. Next, I tried some handwriting with a free app (smartNote), and I found it to be absolutely terrible. It...
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    iOS 5- what would you like to see for iPad?

    Mine is simple: Arrow keys. I want to be able to easily move the cursor when I'm typing, without going through the hassle of selecting whole words, etc. It's by far the most irritating thing I've encountered when using my iPad.
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    Syncing contacts to Google without iTunes?

    Thanks for this link! I've been trying to figure out how I could sync my Google contacts and calendar with my iPad. My Android phone does it automatically (since it's Google-based, and all), and I wanted to have the same info on my iPad. This looks like it will do the trick. Thanks again! :D...
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    Filemanager / pdf / office docs

    I don't understand what all this animosity is for. It was a simple question. I would like a file manager as well. I'd like to be able to see everything that is on my iPad all in one organized spot - documents, videos, pictures, apps, etc. That way if I'm running low on space, I can browse...
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    Note Taker HD vs. Notes Plus

    I saw this in one of the videos I watched on YouTube... all you do is do the "zoom out" gesture and it makes the page full-screen, getting rid of that side panel.
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    Note taking app for school

    Notes Plus looks pretty nice to me. I think I'll be buying this one before next week. It lets you type anywhere, as well as draw directly on the same page (if you want to draw diagrams, arrows, etc). You can also select text you've already written and move it around the page, change fonts...
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    Convert to PDF?

    Is there an app that can convert a document (such as .doc, .ppt, etc) to PDF on the iPad? This is what I want to do: - Use a web browser to go to a class page - Download a lecture (.ppt most likely, though maybe some .doc files) - Convert the lecture to .pdf - Open the new .pdf file -...
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    Note Taker HD vs. Notes Plus

    I am debating between these two myself, and I'm leaning toward Notes Plus. The biggest factor being that reviewers have mentioned that Note Taker HD does not allow keyboard entry, meaning hand-writing only. Notes Plus allows both, and looks incredibly functional. This is the video that sold...
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    [Personal] Review of ZAGGmate (Bluetooth Keyboard/Case)

    After watching some video reviews on YouTube, I loved it and bought the Zaggmate yesterday from Best Buy. Overall I think it's a great product, but... I will be returning it tomorrow. The aesthetics are phenomenal, I love the way it fits the iPad, and I love how I can use it like a laptop...
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    My Review of the Acase 2nd Gen Capacitive Stylus WITH PICS!!

    Cool, glad to hear it's good! How is it for hand-writing notes? Mine should be here tomorrow and I can't wait to see how it goes with some note-taking apps. I'm planning on taking it to school instead of pen and paper.
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    Apple iPad Capacitive Stylus $8.93 FSSS @ Amazon!!

    No, it was already being processed for shipping. I called customer service and they said just call when I receive it, don't open it, and they'll e-mail me a shipping label to send it back for a refund. So I ordered the newer stylus :D Now I just hope I don't return the wrong box, since I...
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    Anyone else frustrated with App Store?

    My biggest complaint about the App Store is that there does not seem to be away to filter "Free" vs "Paid" apps when browsing. I never even expected an alternative app for this, and it sounds like AppShopper is pretty nice... I'll have to check it out when I get home. Is it free?
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    Apple iPad Capacitive Stylus $8.93 FSSS @ Amazon!!

    Ugh, I just ordered the 1st gen an hour before you posted this :(
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    Jailbreaking Explained

    What does "tethered" jailbreak mean?
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    Regarding Stylus for drawing

    It just means that it can conduct electricity. It's pretty much the equivalent of using your finger. The touch screen responds to the slight electric current in your body. So if you use something that does not conduct electricity (wood, plastic, etc), it won't work. Just like you can't...
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    We farm friends needed

    I don't mean this as an insult to anyone, but I just have to ask... Why is the whole world so obsessed with farming games now? FarmVille has taken over Facebook, and this looks to be just like it. I've seen my friends play FarmVille and I just don't "get it" I guess. What am I missing...
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    Regarding Stylus for drawing

    Just make sure it's a capacitive stylus, I believe. I'm looking at the Acase or Boxwave ones on Amazon. They appear to be indentical to me... The Acase brand is $3 cheaper though, haha.