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    Save YouTube videos to your iPad for offline viewing

    This was new for me, and its great to know. I will look into it.
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    Would anyone buy decals?

    i would. Why not. I like your enthusiasm!
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    CNET’s 10 Reasons Why iOS 4 Will Rock on iPad

    Wow who pays these people?
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    iPad Spotted on Transformers 3 Set

    It would be cool if there was an ipad in the movie and it transforms into some super robot lol!
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    Anybody did an exchange at Best Buy? Nervous...

    There is no need to be nervous. You'll mostly like walk out with a brand spankin new iPad.
  6. V double billing?

    This happened to my friend who bought an iPod Touch. Just call Apple and they will fix it in a couple of minutes.
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    Tonight's the 5year old test

    Yeah, let us know how it goes with your little genius.
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    Android-A Perspective

    Pretty much ten years down the road, the only biggest names in the smart phone niche will be Apple and Google. Apple because of their iPhone. Google because no other company will be able to make an Echo system as vibrant as Apple has made for the iPhone, thus they will all flock to Google's android.
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    Next gen iPad

    I doubt will will be seeing another iPad until next summer. If so Jobs has officially lost his mind. iPads are selling at over two million a month clip. It wouldn't make since coming out with a new one yet. In fact, I could see Apple upgrading once every two years.
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    magazines and newspapers on iPad

    Yeah, I agree with a previous poster. It is too early to get a good read of magazines on the iPad because they are still feeling out this new platform. Give them a few months to find out what works and what the readers like, then come back.
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    YouTube question

    I haven't found the option yet either. Maybe im just missing something??