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  1. thehatguy

    3-in-1 camera connection kit

    Anybody considering this new, unreleased camera kit? 3-in-1 iPad Camera Connection Kit Thinking about placing an order. Saw it this morning on Engadget. John
  2. thehatguy

    Incipio Destroyer case

    Just ordered this today. Already received notice it has shipped.:) iPad DESTROYER Case Looks rugged, yet more refined looking than the Otterbox Defender. I'll post more next week when it arrives. John
  3. thehatguy

    .pdf file issue

    This .pdf file looks good on my PC and iPhone, but on the iPad it gets garbled in some way. See bottom pic. No matter how I transfer it to the iPad it turns out this way. Other .pdf files are fine. John
  4. thehatguy

    Zinio - small medium or large?

    Love this app! iPad, iPhone or home PC. I can read my magazines anywhere. John
  5. thehatguy

    U-Verse app updated to watch TV/iPhone

    Although the U-Verse app is for the iPhone, I was able to load it on the iPad and schedule programming on my DVR. The U-verse update allowing you to watch TV programming doesn't work on the iPad. Bummer. Perhaps they'll make a true iPad app soon. TV fans, tune into your iPhone! August 09...
  6. thehatguy

    My iPad travel gear

    The smaller zippered case is a nicely padded HP netbook case. Purchased off of Amazon. The larger zippered handle Ogio tote is one I get from one of my wholesale suppliers. The handle make the whole package a breeze to carry. A nice velcro sealed pocket on the front allows for additional...
  7. thehatguy

    Otterbox Commuter case

    Now this is one slick case. iPad Commuter Series Case // First one I've read about that you can actually use the optional dock with. Now if I could only figure out how to unload my new Vaja case, never used, I'd snap one of these up. Any input on the the OB case? John
  8. thehatguy

    Verizon to sell iPhone starting 1/2011

    Will the iPad be next??? Verizon Wireless reportedly offering Apple iPhone in January - Bloomberg News Verizon Wireless will start selling Apple's iPhone next year, ending AT&T's U.S. exclusive on the phone, say two people familiar with the plans. The device will be available to...
  9. thehatguy

    iFrogz hard cover

    Just received this today. Wow! What a classy product. Fit is perfect and allows for access to all controls and the dock connector. Hardly added any weight to the iPad at all. I feel a bit better with this than I did the gel cover it replaced. John
  10. thehatguy

    SD, Memory Stick and CF card all work with iPad

    All I did was use my Sandisk card reader and inserted the various types of media. All had a DCIM folder with .jpg's. Uploaded from all the cards. John
  11. thehatguy


    Since I own my own embroidery business and I had a spare shirt laying around, I thought I'd invent the iShirt.:D I used metallic silver thread for the outside border to mimic the iPad. John Embroidery software view: Shirt view:
  12. thehatguy

    Import photos from iPhone

    Did a search, but didn't find a topic on this. Received the camera connector kit today. When I try to import photos from my iPhone via the USB connector I see the camera tab for about 5 seconds, the page is blank/black, but then it disappears. Any tips on this? John
  13. thehatguy

    Starbuck's - Free unlimited WiFi 6700 Stores

    Starbucks: Free Wi-Fi at 6,700 US sites - Yahoo! News Starbucks Corp. says it will begin offering unlimited free Wi-Fi at all of its company-operated U.S. locations next month.
  14. thehatguy

    Should I be alarmed about this?

    Not my phone number:
  15. thehatguy

    Picture frame won't show pictures

    The only way I can get this to play is in the oragami playback mode. It plays, but the screen is blank. No photos. In the disolve mode it won't even start. Yes the iPad is in the iPad dock. Any ideas?
  16. thehatguy

    AT&T Wireless sets new data rates

    AT&T, wireless provider for Apple's iPhone, on Monday will become the first major mobile phone company to stop offering new smartphone customers a single monthly price for unlimited Internet access — likely presaging an industry shift to charges based on how much people use their phones to...
  17. thehatguy

    Flash comes to the iPad/iPhone ... sort of

    Flash comes to the iPhone ... sort of - It had to happen: a developer has figured out a way to see Flash videos and games on the iPhone and iPad. Sort of. Boston developer Lida Tang, 32, has worked his way into the Apple App Store with Cloud Browse, a program that lets you go to...
  18. thehatguy

    iPad photo format

    If I save a screen-shot to my photos and then email it to my PC account, it is in .png format. From my iPhone to my PC they come through as .jpg's. Seem right? John
  19. thehatguy

    Barnes and Noble iPad app. now available

    Just downloaded this. Fantastic! I also downloaded it to my PC. One nice thing... the Sony reader can also open the B&N books. My wife takes her Sony reader on trips, doesn't want to take the iPad on a business trip, so now we pay one price to read on both devices! A lot of page...
  20. thehatguy

    HP iPrint

    Was using ths on my iPhone and tried it on the iPad. Using a Wi-Fi connection and it seems to work just fine. John
  21. thehatguy

    I really miss these 2 icons

    Any way to get these on the iPad? Yes they were simple, but I liked them. John
  22. thehatguy

    How to have peace at home

    The wife uses her Sony reader when she travels. How to have the same books on the iPad for home use and the Sony reader for travel without the double expense? I tried to load an epub book that was downloaded from the Sony site to the iPad, but of course the iPad won't read it. I'm sure that...
  23. thehatguy

    Greetings from TX

    Wanted to say hello from Dallas. Ordered my 64GB WiFi + 3G on 5/10/10. Also ordered the CAMERA CONNECTION KIT. Email from Apple says it should ship next week. Ordered a Case-Mate Gelli Checkmate cover that will be here 10/14/10. Still need to get a screen protector. Already posted in the...
  24. thehatguy

    iPad printer thread

    I tried responding directly to the "does iPad print? thread," but the format only shows a vBulletin page. Anyway, on my iPhone I print to my wireless HP printer via Bluetooth. There is an HP Print app. I got from the app. store. I can only print from my camera roll though. Don't know why it...