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  1. Beryl

    Forum Trouble w/ForumRunner

    I've noticed an anomaly with this forum when accessed through ForumRunner on my iPad and iPod Touch. I'm guessing the same issue will exist when my iPhone 4S arrives. Under 'current' threads, there are 3 tabs. The 'Participated' tab only shows threads you start not the ones to which you've...
  2. Beryl

    Upgrade to iPad 3 if Only 3G?

    Not expecting to see the iPad 3 until 2012 but I'm reconsidering the value of a 3G iPad with the growth of 4G networks and convenience and price of personal hotspots. I don't expect to use the 3G feature since I do have a mobile hotspot and I'd prefer to use 4G, if possible. However, having...
  3. Beryl

    Why Would You Jump Ship?

    My 64GB WiFi iPad has served me nicely for over a year and I'm anxiously awaiting the iPad 3 to finally get a camera, more speed, 3G, and SD card and USB support (a girl can hope) in a slimmer package. Upon the announcement of the HP Touchpad, I salivated for a second because I respect WebOS...