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  1. sherryledo

    having two itunes

    hi all i have two computers and i have itunes set on each computer..i want to know how to make the two liberaries identical because normally i hv certain music , photos and so on , on the first pc than the second, so when i synchtonize ipad wz the first computer and then i synchronize wz the...
  2. sherryledo

    Cropping facebook profile picture

    Hi everybody When I click " make my profile pic" for any of my fb photos , the crop box appear , but u can not drag it from iPad to adjust size. Cropping option is disabled from iPad I tried application photogene that is supposed to edit pic, crop it and send it or upload it to my " profile...
  3. sherryledo

    Attaching files to email msg

    Hi all How can I attach several files to an email msg . I know how to this for pics but what is I want to attach some excel or word or PDF files to an email msg Please advise is there any application that can do this Sent from my iPad using iPF shereen Samy
  4. sherryledo

    Synch ipad with new itunes and new pc

    Hi all I got iPad2 and it contains pics , music, videos, apps , ..... Etc I gotta new pc and I want to take copy from I pad2 to the new iTunes . I connected the iPad and synch but the data was erased from the iPad . Except for apps because I made " transfer " to the purchases before I synch ...
  5. sherryledo

    synch with new itunes songs are erased

    i set up new itunes on my sister pc ....i connected my ipad. authorized the pc then i transfered purchases from ipad to pc and also i took copy from pics on my ipad to "pictures" folder on the pc then i pressed "synchronize " in the itunes (app , songs, media, pictures) , when synch was...
  6. sherryledo

    Hi all I am glad. To join

    Hi all I am glad to join