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  1. Bennettb

    Freaky problem?

    So what is this Freaky stuff in the news? Should I be concerned? Bobbi
  2. Bennettb

    Buying iPad 2 on line

    Tried to buy it last night and tonight. Can't get past the second screen. Anyone have any luck? Bobbi
  3. Bennettb

    iOS 7.0.2 ?

    Ok it's here. What's in iOS 7.0.2? Should I download it? Bobbi
  4. Bennettb

    no new iPad and no new mini.

    I'm sad. A phone is nice but I wanted a new mini to give to my granddaughter. I wonder when that will happen? Bobbi
  5. Bennettb

    Calendar sharing

    Is there a way that my children, all adults, with iPhones or pads can look at my calendar on my iPad to see if I'm busy when they need a baby sitter? Thanks, bobbi Oh, I checked a lot of the calendar threads. One suggested something I could do with a computer, but I don't have a computer...
  6. Bennettb

    Travel with iPad.

    I'm going to Belgium and Paris. Do I need to do anything special to use my Verizon iPad 3 in those places? Will I be able to read ebooks on the plane? Bobbi
  7. Bennettb

    Pics and text?

    I want to write and include pictures. Then both save it and/ or send it. I can't get notes to save pictures. What should I use? Oh, it needs to be simple to use. Bobbi
  8. Bennettb

    Are photos and camera roll the same?

    When I go into photos, there is a choice of photos, photo stream, albums and places. Photos has all my photographs and they seem to stay there unlike photo stream. When I go into albums there is something called camera roll, I think it has all the same pictures (although I'm not sure there are...
  9. Bennettb

    Settings, keyboard

    Was looking at settings. Accidentally added Serbian keyboard. Can't find a way to turn it off. HELP, Bobbi
  10. Bennettb

    Upload photo to facebook

    How do I Send a photo from my iPad to my facebook page? It says select an image file. Where are image files on iPad?
  11. Bennettb

    Old lady, new member

    I retired at 72 (librarian) and gave myself an iPad as a present. It's great fun. Have been using it for 6 mo. And love it. Need to find a good ap to organize notes,etc. ( just became pres. of quilt group). Thought I would look here.