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  1. dennis

    Wired Magazine’s iPad Edition Goes Live

    Wired Magazine’s iPad Edition Goes Live | Magazine Wired Magazine’s iPad Edition Goes Live By Chris Anderson May 26, 2010 | 2:00 am | Wired June 2010 The irony that Wired, a magazine founded to chronicle the digital revolution, has traditionally come to you each month on...
  2. dennis

    Least Common Complaints About the iPad

    More humor to brighten your day. :D This one is from the New Yorker Uncommon complaints about the iPad : The New Yorker LEAST COMMON COMPLAINTS ABOUT THE NEW IPAD by Billy Kimball APRIL 26, 2010 · Too salty. · Time-travel app does not automatically adjust for Julian calendar. · When...
  3. dennis

    Apple wireless keyboard

    Hi all, Is anyone using the Apple wireless keyboard with their iPad? If so, have you come across any issues? Apple - Apple Wireless Keyboard - Explore the cable-free, incredibly thin keyboard. Thanks! :)
  4. dennis

    10 Signs The Apple iPad Has Made You The Most Annoying Person Ever

    Just some humor. Enjoy! 10 Signs The Apple iPad Has Made You The Most Annoying Person Ever. - @TremendousNews! :D
  5. dennis

    WePad - an iPad killer?

    The German company Neofonie launched their WePad today. I am very curious what you all think of this. YouTube - WePad Hands On and First Impressions WePad Goes Head-to-Head Against iPad | Korea IT Times German tablet PC sets out to rival Apple's iPad - WePad gets...
  6. dennis

    How many 3G iPads will sell in the first day?

    So we know estimates of approximately 300,000 WiFi models sold on Day 1. And today we hear some estimates that over 500,000 WiFi models have sold to date. Ad firm says iPad sales have topped 562,000, at the very least | VentureBeat So what's your guess: How many 3G models will sell on...
  7. dennis

    JooJoo review - it is here

    Engadget - Fusion Garage JooJoo review -- Engadget The JooJoo looks nice, boots up fast, supports flash, and seems like it gives a pretty decent web experience. But what else can it do? :confused: I admit I am biased, but the JooJoo just seems like an expensive tablet that doesn't do...
  8. dennis

    How many iPads will sell?

    What do you guys think. In the first 6 months? In the first 12 months? See this article. I think 4.0 million will sell in the first 12 months. Does anyone know the numbers of iPhones that have sold? I would be interested to see a breakdown by 2G, 3G, 3GS. Dennis -------- iPod...
  9. dennis

    new member in da house

    Hey all, New guy here. I'm a recent convert from PC to Mac. I got the iMac 21.5". Been using the iPhone 3G (which I love) for 1.5 years. And now I can't wait to get my hands on the iPad. Gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie! See you all on the board. Dennis