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  1. NYC Adam

    Post your favorite YouTube videos.

    Classic, classic vid. This is from the very first Rodney Dangerfield HBO special which also featured one of my favorite stand up acts from one of my favs of all time - check out the Robert Schimmel clip on youtube - too dirty to post here!
  2. NYC Adam

    Post your favorite YouTube videos.

    OK, YES. I'm that dad. BUT you gotta see this. At about a year and 9 months my little boy was becoming quite the music lover. Here is a video of him playing air Ukulele to the Allman Brothers. Check out when I get up and back away and he goes into the solo. Pretty spot on!
  3. NYC Adam

    Wireless headphones for iPad 2?

    I bought Motorola S10-HD. I would give them a 7 out of 10. Went to an Apple store a while back and asked for a set I could use for both iPhone and iPad - so I can talk on them as well as listen. Great sound - cons would be that ear bud covers fall off sometimes. Also difficult to carry...
  4. NYC Adam

    [GIVEAWAY] Caseen VIBE Stylus for Capacitive Touch Screens

    Plan on using it on iPad one, iPhone 4s, and iPad 3 when it comes out! My 19 month old ATE the tip of my old stylus, so I need a new one!
  5. NYC Adam

    Backup before update to iOS5 on non iTunes content & separation of content questions

    Thanks for your comments - wish you could help. Can anyone else lend a hand? Would like to get iOS5 on the pad...
  6. NYC Adam

    Backup before update to iOS5 on non iTunes content & separation of content questions

    Downloaded and updated iPhone. Have different content on iphone and ipad. I would like to update the iPad iOS, however have way more content on it. As well, I am concerned that the non iTunes items like music and photos will be deleted permanently - they are not on iTunes currently. Have an...
  7. NYC Adam

    Is there any good poker apps?

    World Series of Poker is pretty solid both on and off line, check it out.
  8. NYC Adam

    Verizon Starts Throttling Unlimited Data 3G Customers

    Unbelievable. No surprising, but typical Verizon.
  9. NYC Adam

    Verizon Starts Throttling Unlimited Data 3G Customers

    What does Throttling mean? Please advise....
  10. NYC Adam

    Looking for old school

    Good afternoon y'all. Looking for exact match, clones or closest for some old games, some VERY old games... I know Atari came out with a retro app, but got booed in reviews and IPF for the most part. Would love any other retro suggestions. Gyruss - early 80's. was addicted. so much so...
  11. NYC Adam

    Happy Birthday "Sweet Poison"

    Happy, healthy, wealthy and wize...well your already wize obviously. Make it count!
  12. NYC Adam

    Favorites & Top 10 Apps & Games lists w/Justification

    WOW not all at once...
  13. NYC Adam

    Favorites & Top 10 Apps & Games lists w/Justification

    Folks - I would like to start yet another thread on this with one main difference - could you all share what apps you use most/like best with a little description and then justification as to why you like the application you write about? Once in a while someone does this but most of the time...
  14. NYC Adam

    Easter Eggs / Cheats / Game Secrets?

    Was going to post asking about if anyone has found or heard of any, but then went to and BINGO. if you know this already or it's been posted under "yesterday's news" I apologize, but if you haven't heard or seen these, check em out: iPad Cheats, Codes, Unlockables, Hints...
  15. NYC Adam

    Camera for iPad 1?

    Forgive me if this has been answered, but is there accessory such as this? A camera attachment? Or a way to use video chat on the original iPad? Thanks in advance...
  16. NYC Adam

    What is the best app to synchronize with Outlook?

    Are you using on an Enterprise Server or stand alone?
  17. NYC Adam

    Buy or Wait ?

    Timleffler - I not getting your point, what are you trying to say? Kidding. There will always be a better, faster, newer shinier model. It depends on what you are going to use it for. People always ask me what smartphone to get and I ask them in return what they will use It for - email, calendar...
  18. NYC Adam

    What's a good photo app?

    There's is a basic abridged photoshop app free and can buy-up. Good basic edits.
  19. NYC Adam

    Home security/monotoring/controling app?

    I have a weekend/summer home about 2 hours away and was wondering if anyone knew of an app that allowed monitoring it while I was not there. Maybe a status feature and cameras to check in once and a while? Features that would allow turning on the heat/ac/lights before arriving, etc and...
  20. NYC Adam

    Apps for ADHD

    I gotta tell you Danno brave post. I too have it and I think it's a good part of the reason I love the iPad so much. As opposed to doing something that doesn't react back like reading a paperback, almost any interactive activity is how I function best. I learn by doing and trying as opposed...
  21. NYC Adam

    Is anyone else addicted to buying Apps?

    I bought business apps and "needed" apps or apps I thought I would use for business right away. As for recreational apps or games, I try out a lot of free ones and but games on sale - there is such a vast array and so many "bargains" that I don't see the need to buy $10 apps weekly...people on...
  22. NYC Adam

    and the nominations are???

    Great post/question. Maybe you/we should break into categories?
  23. NYC Adam

    Children behaving badly

    Sincere apologies - apparently the last link was rotten. Here is the link right from the WSJ website. Not sure I want to chime in either way on this one - I think most points were made, however I read these posts last night, and then read the following article in the WSJ this morning. Thought...
  24. NYC Adam

    Welcome to - Your Apple iPad Forum & Community

    Not sure how to contact moderators, but I thought This was an interesting story for you to post. If it is true....A man/student in China tried to auction off his kidney to buy an ipad, and when it didn't work (the auction, not his kidney) he made a clone himself..: Man Creates Homemade iPad...
  25. NYC Adam

    Children behaving badly

    Not sure I want to chime in either way on this one - I think most points were made, however I read these posts last night, and then read the following article in the WSJ this morning. Thought to share it with you all: "Restaurant Bans Kids, Wins Fans" removed by Moderator ~ -NYC Adam
  26. NYC Adam

    Microsoft Ready To Take On Apple Stores With 75 More Retail*Stores

    Pretty interesting. Hard to compete in Apple's space however. I gues you right though, what else can they do?
  27. NYC Adam

    How do you use Evernote?

    On many people's recommendation I downloaded it too and haven't had time to do the homework either. Have you tried YouTube for instructional vids?
  28. NYC Adam

    Verizon Set to Introduce Tiered Data Plans in July

    Data plan grandfathering question I am a long time VER customer. Was waiting for the 5, however now that I saw this I am considering biting the bullet and getting a 4 today. Problem is I have a buddy who works at VER business services who says if you renew before July 7th you are...
  29. NYC Adam

    Goodreader video interaction

    Thanks again Tim. Not sure what player I have actually?! I pull some off my BB (think I'm getting an iPhone toady) into iTunes and then transfer them... I'll try the player you/members recommend. Have a great 4th - NYC Adam
  30. NYC Adam

    Goodreader video interaction

    Super helpful, many thanks Tim. Understood, however what about the video player where videos are housed? I play vids there, as well as some I get through email that play but can not be save anywhere but Goodreader. I am learning here which is very helpful again many thanks as always. Can...
  31. NYC Adam

    Goodreader video interaction

    I use Goodreader for business and personal use, but do NOT want to use it for video - they don't play in Goodreader anyway??? So my quandary is that if I get a video via email for instance and want to save it, the only option is to "open in Goodreader". I checked setting s in and out of the...
  32. NYC Adam

    Apps for pre teen/early teens?

    Incredible reponse - Tim, amny many thanks and keep them coming. Perfect, and I might just take the How to make an app courses myself? Thanks so much -
  33. NYC Adam

    Apps for pre teen/early teens?

    I have a buddy in my office asking about apps for his daughter who is 12 and a half. I have no answers? Angry Birds and Flipboard? Anyone have any thoughts for great apps, bearing in mind I have no idea what she is "in to"... Thanks in advance...
  34. NYC Adam

    Game center friends.

    Good thread, smart. Add me puh-leez: NYC Adam Thanks all!
  35. NYC Adam

    Gameloft announces a $0.99 sale for Father's Day

    Awesome heads up, thanks for posting!
  36. NYC Adam

    Making the move to iphone to sync w/iPad

    Great advice. Learned a lot. Thank you all. I'm gonna pony up!
  37. NYC Adam

    What top 3 games have you spent the MOST HOURS playing

    And how may hours per game? Let's keep the list short - between 2 or 3 (if you can!) but elaborate for each game... I have spent at least 75 hours on "Tilt to Live HD". At least a hour a day - it's a great diet, instead of lunch, I play. Probably the same amount of time on the old stand by...
  38. NYC Adam

    iSwifter app allows unlimited flash content to play on iPad.. For free.

    Since nobody else said, I'm going to. Damn funny.
  39. NYC Adam

    Making the move to iphone to sync w/iPad

    Gents, again many thanks. And again, sorry if I was not clear. I will likely NOT jailbreak simply because the device will have proprietary business apps on it as well and connect to my main office. I would rather not go down the jailbreak road again. It sounds like after all I might just...
  40. NYC Adam

    Making the move to iphone to sync w/iPad

    Gents - first off THANK YOU very much. Second, have an original iPad, not planning on getting a 2 just yet. Have a jailbroken iTouch - but that does not come into play. Plan on keeping the original iPad and hopefully tethering with a new iPhone in situations where I have no wifi. Again, not...