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  1. Harters

    Changing iCloud email address

    I have read so many posts about this topic, but they all seem to get confused by people saying how to change their Apple id's. What I am after is how to change my email address that i created when I first set up my iCloud account. To be honest at the time I didn't really know what a brilliant...
  2. Harters

    iCloud & App Storage

    As I understand it, Apps do not count towards the free 5GB allowance, but after my first back up last night I only have 1.1 GB left L and it says my next back up size is 2.0GB and latest backup was incomplete. When they say Apps don’t count towards the free allowance do they mean literally the...
  3. Harters

    US apps on UK account

    I have recently come back from the US and I got hooked on HGTV (sad I know) and I know they have a free app. I found a download link for it, but I am not able to download it due to me having a UK iTunes account I guess. I know you can 'gift' an app, but would this be possible for a free app...
  4. Harters

    Changing from Windows to Mac

    I have finally treated myself to an iMac which should arrive later in the week. The iPad is my first Apple device, so I am looking forward to making the switch, but I am unsure on what if anything I need to back up from iTunes. I only use iTunes for syncing my iPad... I haven't bought any...
  5. Harters

    Using Splashtop for Viewing BBC iPlayer

    I am off to Florida in 3 weeks’ time for just over 3 weeks and I have been looking at various websites that let you watch UK based TV, BBC iPlayer etc for a monthly fee of around £10 as I don’t relish the idea of catching up on all the TV I have to watch ;) It got me thinking, could I...
  6. Harters

    IMAP settings for Orange/Freeserve/Wanadoo etc etc

    I will be setting up my friends new iPad on Thursday and she currently has an original Freeserve email address. I have searched hi and low and I cant seem to find any settings so I can switch her from POP to IMAP. do they exist? If not I guess I could change her Outlook Express to leave mail on...
  7. Harters

    How to stop thread subscription notifications?

    I have tried searching, but no joy. When I first joined this forum I selected to have instant notifications when posts I subscribed to received replies. Now I have my iPad and I use this great app I don't want to receive them anymore. I have gone into the control panel on the full website and...
  8. Harters

    Does Mail compress photos?

    I was wondering if Mail compresses photos when they are sent? Yesterday I imported 3 photos using my Camera Connection Kit. When I selected them and chose the Email option it opened up Mail and inserted the photos Ok, but the total was just over 12MB. I didn't know if there was any restriction...
  9. Harters

    Battery app - hours per charge

    Is there an app that is able to tell you how many hours you have had since your last full charge? What I mean is an app that I can zero when I have fully charged my iPad and then it keeps a log of my usage. It would be interesting to see how many hours I am getting. Maybe keeping a log from the...
  10. Harters

    PAYG Data Sim for Roaming

    I currently use a T-Mobile data sim for my iPad 2 which works great. The 'package' I am using is £20 for 6 Months Unlimited (FYP 1GB). I am going on a cruise shortly so would like to be able to use my iPad rather than paying for the ships WiFi. I don't want to risk using my current sim as I...
  11. Harters

    Where does iTunes sync Videos from?

    I have searched for my answer, but can't find what I need. I am new to iTunes and Apple, but am loving my new iPad 2, but syncing videos is proving a challenge to me at the moment. The videos that I want to import have been converted using handbrake and play on the iPad ok, but the only way...
  12. Harters

    First time iPad owner

    Hi Everyone Just a quick note to say Hi New to the world of the iPad and Apple. I successfully picked up my iPad2 32GB 3G in Black on Friday's (25th) release day here in the UK and I am loving it. Looking forward to finding answers to my questions on this great looking forum. Bye for now :)