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  1. pastorsteve

    Apple Customer Survey

    Yes. They are sleek, smooth, different and I really appreciate the Apple Care option that I know works. Not like some of the shill-game "extended warranties" offered by some other sellers.
  2. pastorsteve

    Apple Customer Survey

    For me there's no such thing as a "love" for a product or object. Apple has quality products, great customer service and superb warranty/extended care. It is functional and serves a purpose at a much higher price than the competition. Their customer service is what puts them in my hands.
  3. pastorsteve

    Which is the best stylus for iPad

    Several on the market, all do the same thing. You need to check them out to see if one works better for you than another. I saw Target is carrying a couple when I was there last.
  4. pastorsteve

    iPad droid tether??

    The LG Optimus series can do WiFi tether without rooting. I do it with an Optimus V on Virgin Mobile. You can use the Quick Settings or Hotspot Widget apps to do it. I believe the Nexus One and Nexus S can also do it. Basically, any vanilla Android 2.2 (or higher) can do non-rooted tether...
  5. pastorsteve

    iPad 1 users!!!

    Some of us got exactly what we wanted. You, apparently, got schooled on how Apple does everything.
  6. pastorsteve

    Ipad battery drop overnight

    Too much to me. Mine doesn't lose power overnight.
  7. pastorsteve

    What does your Screen Name/Member ID mean?

    I thought it was a southern boating thing...."What deck are you on?" :D
  8. pastorsteve

    What does your Screen Name/Member ID mean?

    Okay. Pastor and Steve. I can't hide forever.
  9. pastorsteve

    What does your Screen Name/Member ID mean?

    Mine's obvious........except my name is Bob and, ........I'm a plumber. Not so much. ;)
  10. pastorsteve

    problems with downloading photos

    I guess you mean SD card as sim cards are for phones - and there is no such adaptor. But, every time you synch your iPad to your computer (iTunes) it will synch what you have on your computer to your iPad. You can go into iTunes and set it up for manual synch. Otherwise it will continue this...
  11. pastorsteve

    iPads and Target Stores

    I need a cover for my MacBook Pro 13. I'm going to check there first.
  12. pastorsteve

    Medical Imaging Apps

    She probably can get any necessary apps. from the hospital for free or far less than buying them. Additionally, at least for my doctor friends, they are associated with (linked to) their hospitals.
  13. pastorsteve


    I guess the question is - how many cameras does one person need? Almost every phone has one (mine is 8 MP). I carry a video camera and still camera with me (along with my phone). Most computers have webcams. All newer (not mine) iPod Touch's have dual cameras..... It goes on and on. I, for...
  14. pastorsteve

    iPad droid tether??

    Okay Robert. You've claimed and it appears it can't be supported. I tried again today to download PdaNet onto the iPad (like I have on my Macbook) and the message was that "this program will not run on an iPad". So if you can provide which PdaNet download -specifically- that would be great.
  15. pastorsteve

    WiFi dropping out after 4.3 upgrade

    I'm not sure why it matters but - why are you turning your airplane mode "on and off" or on for that matter. You shouldn't need to do that for anything.
  16. pastorsteve

    WiFi dropping out after 4.3 upgrade

    Likewise. No issues. Don't assume that because you're dropping WiFi it is the iPad/software. Since the iPad WiFi would be connected "to" a modem/router, it will be dropped "by" said equipment - not simply fall off. It's just as annoying but different cause.
  17. pastorsteve


    Not to mention that the parts/labor would likely be more than the difference between selling your iPad and buying the iPad2.
  18. pastorsteve

    Is there a way to copy photos from iPad to a USB Thumb Drive?

    I don't see how. You're asking if you can export from one "flash" drive to another without a computer. Probably not. The iPad is a large "memory stick". Without the controlling capability of a computer, you would have to write a program (app) which would perform the task.
  19. pastorsteve

    charging an ipad on an airplane

    One won't charge their accessories on a plane. One should charge them before they leave on the trip. Luckily the iPad and iPhone batteries will be fine when you get to your destination.
  20. pastorsteve

    Dang You Photo Booth

    I know that over the years most, if not all of us, have had fleeting moments when we look in the mirror and think "Wow, I look pretty good". Well now with Photo Booth, that balloon has burst. There's just no escaping the stark reality that whatever youthful looks I may have had will never be...
  21. pastorsteve

    Buying ipad soon, warrenty?

    Could be. I know it's just under a full year.
  22. pastorsteve

    Buying ipad soon, warrenty?

    I believe that you have 355 days to buy your Apple Care coverage for any newly purchased Apple product, but that is something they will answer for you at the Apple store when you buy yours. To me it's definitely worth it.
  23. pastorsteve

    New to the group

    Hello. I'm new to the forum but not the "Pad". No disappointments with my Ipad and I won't be looking to upgrade until at least the iPad3. Until then this is exactly as researched and expected.
  24. pastorsteve

    The New MacBook Pro.

    Well Dave, to me, real numbers don't mean anything. What counts is how it feels (seat of the pants) when in operation. I sold my three-year-old MBP15 and picked up my new one last week. They do great. Very quick on the boot up and equally quick shutting down. They are really nice.
  25. pastorsteve

    Protection plan

    That would be an insurance plan. I didn't know they have insurance plans for iPads like they do phones. That would be a different policy over and above a warranty.
  26. pastorsteve

    Personal Hotspot - chargable?

    Because "hotspot" and data are two different things. You pay for your data plan and THEN if you want it to be a mobile hotspot then than will cost, I believe, another $10 per month. Tethering is an altogether different thing. If you tether via PdaNet or other tethering software that goes...
  27. pastorsteve

    ipad 64gb wifi only

    Yes but I would guess from his/her question that he/she wants to take it portable where there is no WiFi service. GPS sitting in the living room has its limits.
  28. pastorsteve

    Biggest annoyance with the iPad?

    Annoyances? Only people that think the iPad is a computer or other device designed for things it is not intended to do. It is what it is (great tool) and didn't have flash and other "desired" features when it was purchased.
  29. pastorsteve

    Stylus Recommendations ?

    There's one right here in the iPad Store, button at the top of the page, that looks great.
  30. pastorsteve

    Best iPad case

    For scratches you can't beat a clear protective adhesive material (many brands) that adds no bulk. I then bought the Incase Jacket at the Apple store for transport to protect the screen. Thin, light and (not that it matters) good looking. Also allows you to stand the Pad up for viewing. As...
  31. pastorsteve

    Name a Pet Peeve!

    People hijacking threads and running on without answering an OP's question or contributing to the thread.
  32. pastorsteve

    Is my Ipad dead?

    Unless you have personal (1st hand) experience with that, I don't think it's true at all. At least the one time we had to return an Apple product they immediately went to the back and retrieved a brand new, non-refurbished, unit which is exactly what I would expect. Of course, the first...
  33. pastorsteve


  34. pastorsteve

    Video Shot With The iPad 2

    It says removed by poster.
  35. pastorsteve

    Protection plan

    Apple Care is totally worth it. If you have an issued during the protection period, you are taken care of immediately. It's not cheap but it's a lot cheaper than replacing a computer, phone, tablet or iPod once the one-year warranty is up.
  36. pastorsteve

    New Airport Extreme?

    They're usually pretty tight-lipped about new releases but check with your store and they may know if something's in the works but just not the release date.
  37. pastorsteve

    My iPad 2 has already died!!!

    Personal policy - never buy first release, rarely buy first generation. Let the bugs get worked out then. Plus the whole stand in line for something that will be out of date in 3 months, nope. But, that's what warranty's are for. No reason to worry, or fret, they'll get you going unless, of...
  38. pastorsteve

    Why I’m Not Getting the iPad 2

    Yep. That's what they want you to do. I bought mine knowing that there is NO sane way to keep up with or ahead of the curve. If it works for you (which is why you bought it) then keep it - and your money.
  39. pastorsteve

    Do you password lock your Ipad

    No. We don't password protect any computers or devices. There's no need.
  40. pastorsteve

    Need a computer for an iPad?

    I don't remember needing a computer for anything. I think I just did mine via WiFi. But if you do, yes, just initialize it with your sister's computer and go from there. Otherwise, set it up at the Apple store when you buy it and be done with it. Just know in advance that it won't replace a...