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  1. pyewacket


    I have the game "Machinarium" on my it possible to transfer it to my PC...... or do I need to purchase another version... Thanks...
  2. pyewacket

    uk icon

    I have the ipf icon on my ipad that is linked to the American ?? site.. Is it possible to link it to the UK site..or another icon.... Thanks...Leon
  3. pyewacket

    delete purchased items

    Is it possible to delete the purchased items that remain in the "purchased section" when a game/app has been deleted from the home page. I have 20+ "icons" that are no longer needed... Thanks...Leon
  4. pyewacket


    Does anyone know why I am unable to post a rating on a game.. I click "review"..type the send..but it does not appear in the reviews.. Game in question is 3D Olympic Archery...can it be due to a poor rating... Leon
  5. pyewacket


    I have bought/downloaded a game from iTunes that is either faulty or not loaded properly. Is it possible to re download ? I have tried to contact the games site, but not getting any help. Thanks....Leon
  6. pyewacket

    find my ipad ......

    I have been trying to check the "find my ipad "settings.. I go into via my computer, sign in to icloud, and get the message that my browser is not recognised.. My computer browser is firefox, which is one of the recognised browsers...?? Any ideas please.. Thanks...Leon
  7. pyewacket

    Blue screen

    Help required please...the screen on my iPad turns blue for no apparent reason. I assume it is something I am doing. It reverts back to white if I tap it a couple times...which usually results in me selecting something.. Has it ever been decided if google suggestions can be turned off. Several...
  8. pyewacket


    I recently downloaded a sample of a free book in the itunes store. Checked through it quickly to make sure it was not written in the 1st person and deleted it. Downloaded the complete version, but the first chapter did not d/l.. I cannot now d/l the was ch1..:o.. Any advice...
  9. pyewacket


    Newbie here with a ipad2.. How do i put an avatar in ipad so that it appears when I send a message..? Thanks....Leon