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  1. Twism86

    iOS 5 reset for resale?

    Hey all, Im selling my iPad 2 and the buyer wants it running iOS 5. It currently is on 5.1.1 because i never upgraded to iOS 6. However, he wants it running ready to use with my info wiped but not on the setup screen. Is there an easy way for me to do this, im only family with hitting restore...
  2. Twism86

    Apps to take advantage of iPad 3/4

    Hi all, So I have a iPad 2 and cant decide on upgrading to a 4 now. Mainly because I dont think im maxing out my 2 as it is. If there are some cool games or any other apps that really to take advantage of the faster speeds and screen of the 4 I may be able to be swayed into getting one. Any...
  3. Twism86

    Cant Decide!

    Hey Everyone, Sorry for a post with "little substance" but here it goes anyway. I have a iPad 2 right now and really cant decide if I want the 4 yet or not. I use my iPad literally everyday but my uses of it at that intense so to speak. I use it to browse the web, facebook, Skype, weather and...
  4. Twism86

    iMessage Link iPad to iPhone

    Ive had my iPhone 4S for a little and use iMessage with my other iOS5 friends. I finally upgraded my iPad 2 to iOS 5 (5.1 from 4.3.1), so yes i know im behind the times..... I want to link my iMessages so that all of them are mirrored on both devices. Does anyone know how to go about this? My...
  5. Twism86

    App Retina Support

    So does anyone else have the same concerns as me? Im not getting an iPad 3 but aside from thr apple apps will any of them be compatible with the retina screen just yet? They will all need to be redesigned and until then, probably look down right bad.......
  6. Twism86

    Overkill Multiplayer

    Does have this game and play it? I got the regular version and updated to multiplayer when they released it. I think its fun and can kill some time when I need too. Check it out if not. Im Twism86 in game center ;)
  7. Twism86

    Holds Time Poorly?

    Hi, Does anyone else feel like their iPad 2 holds time poorly? Ive reset the time a few different times and it alwalys seems to end up a few minutes fast.... Maybe its just me and I keep setting it wrong, but I normally set it to my iPhone and they are always off by more than a minute. Tom
  8. Twism86

    MBP Backpack 13''

    Hey, Im looking for a small laptop backpack for a MBP 13''. I dont want one that fits up to a 15'' but one that has a max size for 13'' I want it to be slim and small. Any suggestions? Tom
  9. Twism86

    Cut the Rope HD

    I highly recommend this game! Its fun and challenging but not too hard. Its only $1.99 and worth it. I also sound stupid saying this as a 24 y/o guy but its a cute game, haha. Cut the Rope HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store
  10. Twism86

    Facebook Chat in Browser Issues, Anyone Else?

    Instead of an app i prefer to use facebook in my browser (safari). You can use chat by going to this link once your signed in to the normal page Login | Facebook It works great and better then any app, until it stopped working for me. I also tried it in other lite browsers with the same...
  11. Twism86

    Command and Conquer Not Working???

    Does anyone have the current version of Red Alert on their ipad??? The reviews in the app store say that the current version crashes. I want this game but not if its not working, thanks!
  12. Twism86

    Favorite Shooter Game?

    I got hooked on Overkill but was wondering what other good games are out there? Free is nice too ;) Ill take an recommendation for a FPS or even strategy game. I want to get Command and Conquer Red Alert but i hear its not working.
  13. Twism86

    Minor Software Glitches

    Hey Everyone, Ive had my iPad 2 for a few days now and Ive had two minor software glitches. First one was that when i went to change the wallpaper, my photo albums didnt show thumbnails, only a gray square. The second was the wifi symbol wouldnt appear and show signal strength but I was...
  14. Twism86

    iTunes 10.2.1 Upgrade Wont See iPad

    Hey Everyone, I run Win7 for my iTunes and i recently upgraded to 10.2.1 (the newest). Now it takes forever to start up, i just get that spinning circle for a few mins, and when i tried to connect my new iPad its wouldnt recognize it. My computer sees it so i know the USB works. It also...
  15. Twism86

    Good Soft/ Neo Sleeve?

    Hi, I dont want a case or cover for my iPad as i feel it takes away from the beauty of the device (yes i said it :D). I just want a soft neoprene or similar material sleeve for transport and when not in use. Does anyone have a favorite? I like the brand Incase, they have a few nice ones...
  16. Twism86

    New Today w/ iPad 2

    Hey Everyone, As a forum owner myself i love them for the resources they provide. I have been reading this one the past week as I waited for my own ipad. This place seems well behaved and has lots of good info. I waited in line from 5:30am until 9am this morning and got my white 32GB iPad...