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  1. Midranger4

    System Status

    Am not one for promoting apps but please indulge this exception. App System Status is a slick utility that provides granular information about your iPad. Whether it be hardware, firmware, software, or any combination thereof this utility let's you see under the hood of your iPad and can...
  2. Midranger4

    Ipf vs safari vs tapatalk

    I've noticed site features available in safari aren't available in IPF. I've not tried tapatalk. How do you access the site and why? Thanks!
  3. Midranger4

    Screen protector

    I had the Zagg installed on my new iPad. Had one on my old one. Just removed it.....and glad I did. Didn't like the drag with the stylus but once removed the difference in the display is very noticeable. No more protectors for me. Anyone know if nice'n clean wipes are harmful? They are...
  4. Midranger4

    Bigtime Retina app!

    Hands down the most impressive app I've seen on the new retina display so far...and it's free! The official Master's tournament. Jaw dropping fly by's of every hole. Still shot walkthroughs of every hole. Course landmarks, archived video footage. A must see even if not a golf fan! Check...
  5. Midranger4


    Flipboard appears FUBAR. Title screen loads but no content will load. Deleted app, rebooted, reninstalled app still no go. Is anyone else having problems? All other apps seem fine. Pulse loads fine so does the daily. Trying to determine if problem is mine or flipboard