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  1. OneMarcil

    Restore IPad

    Is is possible to restore an iPad 1st generation 2015 model from a iPad 2nd generation. Both have the same screen size and both have 256 GB of storage.
  2. OneMarcil

    Duplicate Emails

    On one of my ipads get duplicate emails. On the the other one Ido not. The same email service for both ipads. Same exact settings. Same application number. Anyone have any idea how this can be fixed?
  3. OneMarcil

    Syncing first time.

    I have IPAD that is not new. But, since I have never synced this iPad to this computer I am given two options. 1. Set up as new iPad. 2. Restore from back of my iPhone 4. Do not want to restore from iPhone backup. If I choose set up as new iPad will everything on the iPad be erased? When I...
  4. OneMarcil

    Saving You Tube Videos

    Have a programme on my desktop outer that allows me to save You Tube videos so that I can play back the videos with out internet connection. Is there an application for either iPad or iPhone that would let me do the same? Sent from my IPAD 1st generation. WIFI only. 32 GB
  5. OneMarcil

    New Computer Itunes Sync

    Am going to change to a different computer. When I download iTunes to the computer how do I sync my Ipad and iPod to the newly downloaded iTunes with out deleting everything from these devices? Sent from my IPAD 1st generation. WIFI only. 32 GB
  6. OneMarcil


    I chose to download an application called Gethuman. The application was to download and install. According to the application store the application was installed. When I search for Gethuman on the iPad there are mo results. Where would have this application disappeared? Sent from my IPAD 1st...
  7. OneMarcil

    AT&T Data Plan

    Is it possible to somehow use the same AT & T data plan on both my IPAD and IPhone? I cancelled my phone service with AT & T. I only want their data plan. Sent from my iPad 32gb WIFI 3G 1st generation.