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  1. lrg32

    Cydia problem

    Okay so I have been having a problem with Cydia where it doesnt show any of the sections, changes, installed, or sources lists.The Cydia home screen loads up fine , but everything else is blank. Ive been doing some research and have done the following possible solutions already with no...
  2. lrg32

    Cases that work with Full-Body Shields

    Okay so I was just wondering what type of cases do the people out there that have full-body shields like Zagg, Best Skins, Ghost Armor, etc use on top of it. As many who have these shields know, not many cases fit over because they'll either fit to tight, or they end up ruining the shield. I...
  3. lrg32

    Has anyone tried the Zagg SmartBuds?

    I just got a 50% off coupon from entering that Zagg ipad giveaway contest on their website. I already have all my stuff covered in shields similar to theirs, but I was thinking of using the coupon towards the Zagg smartbuds. So I was just wondering if anyone on here has personally used them...
  4. lrg32

    Anyone know how to copy text?

    Ok I didn't know how I should word the title but what im trying to do is make a word doc. list of all the movies I have on my hard drive (which is a few hundred). Now rather than sitting there and typing the names of each movie I have, is there a way to copy all the text of the files and paste...
  5. lrg32

    What's the best case with a built-in stand?

    Jus wondering if any of you guys had any recommendations on a case that has a stand built-in. I currently have my iPad covered with a full body Ghost Armor shield and a Incipio Silicrylic case covering it for extra protection. I purchased one of those Plate holder stands off amazon to prop it up...