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  1. af847

    Recommend a good stylus for Drawing and writing on Ipad Mini?

    Hi, just picked up a mini last week. Loving it after only a week. Mostly the size. I use it mainly for a drawing app I like that is only Available on IOS. I'm use to using a Targus rubber tipped stylus, from when I had an Ipad 3, but with the smaller screen, prefer someting that is easier to...
  2. af847

    How to find Free comics in the Comics app?

    Hi, I downloaded the Comics app by comixology last night after reading on a forum that there are Lots of Free comics to read on the app. I downloaded the app, saw on for FREE and downloaded it. Then when I search for others, they all have to be paid for. Unless I was misinformed, I thought there...
  3. af847

    Anybody use the Touchtype Case?

    I was looking as usual for a case to hold my Ipad 3 and my Apple bluetooth keyboard. I came upon this site: Touchtype | Case for iPad + Apple Wireless Keyboard and really like how slim it is and how it also accomodates the Ipad and the apple bt keyboard. I have a targus case that holds both...
  4. af847

    I lost all my videos and music on my IPad

    Tonight I was checking my settings to see how much storage I had left on my 16gb wifi Ipad 3, noticed it was up from 8 gig last time I checked to 11 gig. I knew a bulk of my memory was eaten up by my music I transferred to Ipad when I first got it, so checked the Music app on my Ipad and nothing...
  5. af847

    Will CalPrint App work with Fingerprint on IPad?

    Hi, I'm using the Fingerprint app to print from my Ipad using my PC when on to print things from my Ipad. I want to print a weekly calendar or monthly calendar with Appointments, but see no way to print with the calendar on the Ipad. I sync with my Google Calendar and want to be able to print...
  6. af847

    Having trouble trying to delete emails

    Hi, I googled how to delete a bunch of emails and got a reply from this forum. When I try to do what the reply says, I can't get the same result in the Settings/mail part of the response. Here's how it tells to do it from the quote: "Go to settings/mail and choose the email account... Then...
  7. af847

    ImailG app

    Hi, are any of you using this for your email app? I have Gmail on my android phone and am looking for a different email app for my new Ipad and like other's I've read on the forum, don't particularly like the native email app on the IPad. A few questions I have are: 1. Does it always show the...
  8. af847

    Why no Widget apps on Apple devices?

    I've been looking for just a weather widget. I'm spoiled with the Widgets on my Android Phone, but I did some research and it seems there were some widget apps for Ipads back in 2010 or 2009, but not anymore. What is the reason for this? I had a weather app that showed the temp on the Icon, but...
  9. af847

    Is Smartcover Turning my Ipad ON after I power off?

    Hi, I was wondering why my smartcover sometimes turns the Power ON with my Ipad. Every night I Power Off the Ipad and sometimes the next day it's on already when I open the smartcover. My understanding is the Smartcover only puts the Ipad to sleep/awake. It does this properly when I leave the I...
  10. af847

    Find my Iphone App shows Wrong Ipad

    I just loaded the Find my Iphone App and when I finished loading it and tried to find my Ipad 3, it shows my Ipad 2 and couldn't find it. I returned my Ipad 2 to best buy and had them restore it and clear my apps/info, then bought the Ipad 3. Is there something I forgot to do when I got my Ipad...
  11. af847

    Universal Remote recommendations?

    Hi, I've been looking at Making my Ipad 3 into a Universal Remote. I have too many remotes as it is and saw a thread about this a few weeks ago. I've been doing some research online. Originally looking at the Beacon with the Dijit app. I didn't like some of the reviews and uses batteries, so...
  12. af847

    Problem Saving Contacts in Icloud

    Hi, I did some research on how to make different groups for Contacts online and instead of using an app or going through google (i don't want all these contacts syncing to my android phone), I found out I can make groups of contacts online on So successfully made a different...
  13. af847

    Where is File Sharing in Itunes?

    I keep reading about file sharing in Itunes, but can't seem to find it anywhere. Can someone explain how to find it on Itunes 10?
  14. af847

    Question about the Ipad Camera Connection Kit

    I'm new to Apple and the Ipad and don't own the Camera Connection Kit. From what I've read, the thing is used to transport photos and videos to your Ipad, via a usb cord connected to your digital camera or an SD card inserted into the Camera Connection kit. Excuse my ignorance, but would I also...
  15. af847

    Loving my Ipad, but.......'s really Apple that's frustrating me. I've always owned a PC, my PC now I haven't had any problems with really. I'm an Android user for my phone. I looked at Android tablets first and came really close to buying one. Liked the size of the Ipad and a friend told me about hers and what...
  16. af847

    Any Way to setup ICloud On PC without Outlook?

    I googled how to setup ICloud on a PC and read about the ICloud Control Panel for Windows program. The problem is, I don't have Outlook on my PC and I don't want to pay the 100 some dollars just to get it to work with ICloud Control Panel. Right now, I use Mozilla Thunderbird for email. The...
  17. af847

    how to upload notes and docs to Pc from Dropbox on Ipad 3?

    Is it even possible to do this? I use Ido notepad for notes and also Evernote. Ido Notepad has an "open" in for Dropbox, but can't seem to figure out how to sync the notes to Dropbox on my PC. Evernote doesn't even have a Dropbox option. Is there a way to send notes from Ipad to PC using Dropbox?
  18. af847

    Any Ipad 3 Cases that hold the Ipad and Apple BT Keyboard?

    I have a Targus case (more like a bag with handle) which I had for when I bought my Ipad 2, and now have the Ipad 3. It has a slot for the Ipad and another zippered opening for a stand and Keyboard and where I keep my charger cord. It is made for notebooks and laptops I believe. It works good...
  19. af847

    Music player plays wrong songs

    Hi everyone, I bought my Ipad 2 a little over a week ago when the price went down on them. Loving it so far. One problem I notice is that after syncing most of my songs from my PC, when I go to play one on the list, it plays a totally different one at the top of the player. Now I've tried making...
  20. af847

    How do I turn off my Apple BT wireless Keyboard?

    Hi, Just got my Ipad 2 the other day. I bought the apple BT wireless keyboard model A1314. This is my first apple product so kind of new to all this. It took me awhile to pair the keyboard, but got that done after some googling. Works great! I can't figure out the power button on it. I push it...