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  1. Yarrenbool

    Emails on iPad with .pps attachments?

    How does one view email attachments that come with attachments that have a .pps filename extension? I understand they're PowerPoint Slideshow files but how does one view them on an iPad?
  2. Yarrenbool

    Very small email notification annoyance

    Its a small annoyance, but ... ... ... When a new email arrives the bar at the very top of the screen rolls over to give a brief summary of the email, stays there for a second or two, then rolls away, THEN there's a sound played. What happens with me is that I don't notice the roll...
  3. Yarrenbool

    Screen on while charging?

    Is there a config option or setting anywhere that would let the screen stay on while it's charging? Or an app? I have the iPad 2! It's NOT JB. Thanks for any help.
  4. Yarrenbool

    TomTom for iPad

    . A while ago TomTom said they are going to release an iPad version of their car navigation app. Has there been any recent indication of when it might become available? Any information on whether it will be a "+" app so a single purchase will run on both the iPad and iPhone? I believe...
  5. Yarrenbool

    Open an Atomic page in Safari?

    There is an iPad trick that if, in Safari, you have a bookmark with "javascript:window.location='atomic://'+location.href" as the 'url' then clicking that will open the current Safari web page in Atomic Browser. I'd like to also do the same in reverse. When in Atomic click a bookmark to...
  6. Yarrenbool

    Max file size on an iPad?

    . I am copying some converted DVD films as .MP4s to my iPad 2 and would like to know what is the maximum file size that iOS allows on the iPad. So far I have not tried, using iTunes on a Win-7 computer, any file larger than 2GB. Is there a 2GB limit or some other maximum file size with iOS...
  7. Yarrenbool

    PDF to iPad Kindle

    . How can you send a .pdf file to Kindle on the iPad? I've checked the Kindle site and normally you e-mail your .pdf file to your "" but to get that special "name" you have to register your physical Kindle, which I don't have. I want a couple of .pdf files in Kindle so...