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  1. rsava

    Weird reboot issue

    Not sure that this has to do with being jailbroken but since I am using the absinthe 2.0.4 jailbreak I thought I should post here. My iPad 3, 64GB 4G has started randomly rebooting. It really is random, no real time frame that I can tell. It has happened using Draw Free, iHeart Radio, watching...
  2. rsava

    Question on Reset and Restart

    Sorry for such a dumb question but I have seen this several times before and do not understand the difference. I have searched for an answer but all I really come up with are pages telling you how to do each one. What is the difference between this: and this The only difference I can...
  3. rsava

    Notetaker app and Dropbox

    I have need for a notetaking app and need it to do some specific things. I have searched here and in the App store, read some of the threads about note taking apps here but cannot see what I am looking for. I need an app to take notes that can: 1. VERY IMPORTANT - Upload to Dropbox 2. Ability...
  4. rsava

    With whats available on the market today...

    How does it get much better? Starting with yesterday afternoon: Knocked off work a little early, watched a movie on the iPad. :ipad-movie: Last night I did some surfing on the Web, did a little work on some docs for work :ipad-keyboard: (knocked off early but worked a little later to make...
  5. rsava

    iPad Store

    Just some quick questions about the site's iPad Store. Is it the site's store? If not, does the site make any money off of sales? Just wondering for my next purchases. I like to support the sites I use.
  6. rsava

    ATT WiFi

    Ok, I searched but can't find this on the board. I have the 3G Unlimited and it includes the ATT WiFi. But how do I login to the hotspots? I never got login information. Does anyone have that info for their account? Thanks, R Sava
  7. rsava

    Question about jailbreaking and iTunes version

    Reading through old posts, trying to get caught up on iPad facts and fallacies, I came across this post in which TaSMaNiaC says "I'm sure they'll use iTunes 9.2 which means I won't be able to use Spirit to jailbreak it again" I use iTunes 9.2.061 and I used Spirit (not sure of the version) to...
  8. rsava

    Hello World

    Hello, Just a brief introduction. Recently got a 3G/64GB iPad for personal use. My company uses the iPod and iPad for its product. I had the opportunity to use the iPad for about 2 weeks as I carried around to tradeshows. I fell in love. I have 3 Archos video units I have used for a number of...