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    Go to your settings, About and look under available space. Are you loaded with games? How large is the series? And what size is your iPad?
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    how much will you pay for the mini iPad?

    I would guess we will pay whatever price they set it at if we really want it. I have not had a lot of luck telling them how much I will pay for anything. They want $499 and I say $399, I don't get to buy it.
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    I watched games through NFL Sunday Ticket via my DirectTV subscription.
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    I'm a little worried

    Do you close apps after using them? Use the home button by pressing it twice quickly and at the bottom you will see all the open apps with red x's next to them. Press on the red x to close them. This could be what is closing slowdown. Also make sure everything is not using location services...
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    Need help with spreadsheets

    To be more clear, Splashtop is not a spreadsheet program, rather it is a program to allow me to use my pc remotely. There are others programs like it, this is just the one I use.
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    Need help with spreadsheets

    Hi Joan. I use ss's everyday. I use a program called Splashtop on my iPad and my work computer. It allows me to use excel (or anything else, since it is allowing me to use my pc remotely). I can email it, print with it, and anything else I could do if I were on my pc. I apologize if this is not...
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    What an idiot - wheres the conventional screen on my new ipad2?

    It is asking for your password for your network. The lock is showing that your network is password protected. It will be the same password you use on your other computers.
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    play ipad music files on my PC

    Have you tried Splashtop? I have all my music on my pc, and play it on my iPad using it. Works well, and it is free. Put it on your pad and your pc, it acts as a remote desktop. I have not tried it in reverse, but give it a shot.
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    Do you listen to music on your iPad?

    I have some music on mine, but I use an app to listen to all my music on my laptop. Or use my classic. But I can access my whole library remotely so I don't have to store it on my iPad.
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    Old New Member

    Hi all. I bought my first computer in 1993, a Mac Performa 450. 4 MB ram, 120MB HDD. Came with a 14.4 modem, I believe, and I just loved the thing. I followed that with an iMac until I now longer could use it for work (our company went with a proprietary software that only ran on windows). So I...
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    Ipad Windows computer...

    Paul, there is a free app called Splashtop Streamer that I use to access my windows laptop. I can run anything on it from my Ipad remotely.