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  1. KiltedTim

    iTunes 9.x

    According to the iPad technical specification on, the iPad will require iTunes 9 or higher to sync. Looking at the version information on my iMac, the latest version available for OS X is 9.0.3. It's probably safe to assume that there will be an update required to support the new...
  2. KiltedTim

    What will be revealed?

    OK, get your predictions in now. What features will be revealed when pre-orders go live in roughly 11 hours 20 minutes that were not revealed during the iPad product announcement? What apps will be included that weren't shown? What hardware features, if any, will be revealed? Will any be...
  3. KiltedTim

    First iPad commercial airs

    Was watching the Oscars tonight and managed to catch the first iPad commercial. Apple - iPad - Photos and images of iPad One of the celebs was "supposed to be wearing" jewelry designed by my step-son. Alas, she only wore the ear-rings, not the belt buckle and bracelet. What a shame. The...