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  1. lrg32

    Am I getting ripped off?

    I have done tons of deals on craigslist before and take it from me, that is definitely a scam. Anytime someone asks to ship an item or pay for it in any way other than cash, assume its a scam. You'll notice in the email that they never refer to the ipad itself, they use terms like "item" or...
  2. lrg32

    iPad apps

    My Faves are: Docs To Go Netflix iTeleport iBooks Remote Todo VLC Media Player Brushes Bible DJay As for games: Cut the rope Angry Birds Creeps NinJump Plants vs. Zombies Galcon Fusion Tanzen Flight Control Veggie Samurai Real Solitaire
  3. lrg32

    Want To Play "Words With Friends"?

    User Name: LRG32 I try to play as much as possible but sometimes my schedule gets crazy. But I do usually play my turn within a few hours or less depending on the time of day. So anyone, feel free to send me a game invite.
  4. lrg32

    Help Needed to Jailbreak v3.2.2

    I dont think the SHSH files are available anymore for 3.2.2 ,so if it wasnt saved prior, then I dont think youll be able to get it now. But im not 100% certain on that. Also ive had my ipad jailbroken on 4.2.1 for awhile now, even when it was a tethered jailbreak only and have not experienced...
  5. lrg32

    Help Needed to Jailbreak v3.2.2

    Why not just update to 4.2.1 and jailbreak that with greenp0ison? Its untethered now and you get multitasking and other features that came with ios4. But for 3.2.2 I think you use pwnage tool to jailbreak that.
  6. lrg32

    what are benefits?

    It's basically having more control over your device. For me, the benefits are having SBsettings, OpenSSH, Activator, and Winterboard. These are all downloaded from Cydia and are a must have if you decide that jailbreaking is for you.
  7. lrg32

    Jailbroken iPad issues

    If it was completely dead when you got it, id try using the wall charger to charge it up 1st then restore on itunes. If you're able to get into DFU mode then theres no reason it should't restore. Also try using different USB ports and/or USB cables when you do the restore.
  8. lrg32

    Bible Lock Screens for iPad / iPhone

    Great find, thanks a lot!
  9. lrg32

    Post your Pet

    Hes around 16 inches from head to tail. He's outgrowing the tank I keep him in so hopefully I could scrounge together some change and get him a bigger terrarium.
  10. lrg32

    Post your Pet

    Im a college student and can't really afford a dog, so I got a Bearded Dragon instead, and his name is Nessie.
  11. lrg32

    Alarm clock and volume control

    No problems.... I personally love having my iPad jailbroken so I could run stuff like SBsettings, activator, and full force amongst other tweaks. Cant really come up with any cons in regards to jailbreaking other than right now its only a tethered jailbreak for 4.2.1, but that isnt a big issue...
  12. lrg32

    Alarm clock and volume control

    If your iPad is jailbroken you could install the default clock app that is on the ipod touch and iphones. you just need to get a copy of the mobileTimer app from an iPhone 3gs I believe and SSH it into iPad. Theres a vid of how to do this on youtube......
  13. lrg32

    Cydia problem

    Okay so I have been having a problem with Cydia where it doesnt show any of the sections, changes, installed, or sources lists.The Cydia home screen loads up fine , but everything else is blank. Ive been doing some research and have done the following possible solutions already with no...
  14. lrg32

    New iPod 4G, setup suggestions

    I personally have multiple ipods to go with my ipad & iPod touch 4g. I set them all up under my same itunes acct and from the same computer. For music and Videos, I set up playlists of what I want on each ipod/ipad and label them accordingly. This is so when I sync each device, I am only...
  15. lrg32

    New From California

    Welcome.... Depending on your interests and such, but here are a few of my "must-have apps" -iTeleport (Control my imac right from my ipad over wifi) -iCam (view the cam on my imac on my ipad, fun to spy on my dog when im not home) -Pages (Word processing) -Dragon dictation (Speech-to-text)...
  16. lrg32

    Have any scratches, dings, or nicks on your iPad?

    OMG I am so meticulous and possibly OCD about scratches and marks, it would annoy the crap out of me if I had a single blemish on my ipad or any other electronics. Ive had a full body shield and case since day 1 and about once a week or so I pull the ipad out of its case to give it a good wipe...
  17. lrg32

    Cleaning The Zagg InvisibleShield

    I use iClear spray and the black soft cloth that came with my iMac. The iClear spray is great for all Apple products or other electronics cause it wont cause any harm to them. I use it on all my ipods, LCD screens, iMac, glasses, etc..... Its fairly expensive at the Apple store but I found...
  18. lrg32

    what type ipad case you got?

    I'm rocking a Full-body Ghost Armor shield covered by a black Incipio Silicrylic case..I also throw it inside a incase neoprene case when i'm on the go...
  19. lrg32

    Jailbreak not wrking(. Help?

    You have appsync installed, so that means youre trying to transfer cracked apps huh? Not good, but if any apps crash at start-up, delete them from the ipad and re-sync them from your computer.
  20. lrg32

    If you're planning on getting a ZaggShield READ

    You do know that the fluid is just a bit of soap and water, nothing special. Ive tried many of these types of skins from Zagg, Ghost armor, and BSE and installation is the same thruout since they are all similar types of skins. BSE is the cheapest by far cause it only comes in an envelope with...
  21. lrg32

    Incipio Destroyer case

    Looks like a beast of a case. I personally love incipio's cases, I have the Silicrylic on my ipad and ipod touch.....
  22. lrg32

    Apple store employees

    I can honestly say I dislike my local apple store. First off, theres no way any of them should be considered "geniuses". Every time ive been there for some type of warranty issue whether it be my imac or ipod, they never seem to know what they're doing, or they'll tell me stuff I already know...
  23. lrg32

    Cases that work with Full-Body Shields

    Okay so I was just wondering what type of cases do the people out there that have full-body shields like Zagg, Best Skins, Ghost Armor, etc use on top of it. As many who have these shields know, not many cases fit over because they'll either fit to tight, or they end up ruining the shield. I...
  24. lrg32

    Alarm Clock Apps

    no my ipad is jailbroken so I used openssh and cyberduck (Im on a mac) to ssh it in to the /applications folder on the ipad. Im sure you can download the clock/mobile timer app online somewhere but I just ssh it out of my iphone. But you would need your ipad to be jailbroken for this to work...
  25. lrg32

    Alarm Clock Apps

    I've tried different alarm apps and still prefer the built-in clock app on the iPhone/ipod touch. I was kinda bummed that the clock app wasnt included with the ipad, so I just ssh'ed the app itself out of my iphone 3gs, then ssh'ed it to my ipad. So far I cant complain cause it works just like...
  26. lrg32

    Has anyone tried the Zagg SmartBuds?

    I just got a 50% off coupon from entering that Zagg ipad giveaway contest on their website. I already have all my stuff covered in shields similar to theirs, but I was thinking of using the coupon towards the Zagg smartbuds. So I was just wondering if anyone on here has personally used them...
  27. lrg32

    Best Buy or Apple Store

    I got mine off craigslist. It was around a month after the ipad came out, I bought the 16gb wifi model that was still brand new in box, plus the guy threw in a full body Ghost armor shield and a incase silicone case for $400. It felt good knowing that i had saved roughly $200 compared to buying...
  28. lrg32

    Anyone know how to copy text?

    yes i was referring to doing this on a mac, and exactly how you put it, take a file listing from a directory, and put the movie titles into a text/doc file. Unfortunately i dont have windows installed on my mac. Im sure this is a way but yeah if nothing else, I can just type it all out. thanks...
  29. lrg32

    Anyone know how to copy text?

    Ok I didn't know how I should word the title but what im trying to do is make a word doc. list of all the movies I have on my hard drive (which is a few hundred). Now rather than sitting there and typing the names of each movie I have, is there a way to copy all the text of the files and paste...
  30. lrg32

    What's the best case with a built-in stand?

    Yeah I have the ghost armor skin covering the screen, back, and sides of my ipad. The Sena case looks good, but just not sure if I can justify $80 on another case. Don't get me wrong, im all for spending money on accessories to protect my investment, but ive spent well over $100 on cases and...
  31. lrg32

    What's the best case with a built-in stand?

    Jus wondering if any of you guys had any recommendations on a case that has a stand built-in. I currently have my iPad covered with a full body Ghost Armor shield and a Incipio Silicrylic case covering it for extra protection. I purchased one of those Plate holder stands off amazon to prop it up...
  32. lrg32

    Newbie from Guam, Hafa Adai.

    Hell Yeah, Reppin' the 671 also....Straight outta Santa Barbara in Dededo...
  33. lrg32

    Some kick arse wallpapers here , seriously!

    The shrooms one is pretty sick, I may use that one as well.thanks for the link..... BTW I noticed your from Guam, I was born and raised there and am almost full Chamorro. Glad to see another Guamanian on this site. Wish I was there right now but i'll be going back for Xmas, cant wait to hit up...
  34. lrg32

    Are you an Apple Fanatic? What Apple products do you own?

    I can honestly say i'm a huge apple fanatic, I use to manage a apple accessory store at a local mall where I fell into the apple trap and now own everything apple that's possible. Lets see if I can recall all the apple products ive owned to date....I also do a lot of buying/selling/trading on...
  35. lrg32

    Jailbreaking timeS, need help

    EIther put your iPad into Recover mode or DFU mode. Here are some links to youtube videos on how to do it (Not my videos though just ones I found) Recovery: YouTube - How to put the iPad In/Out Recovery Mode DFU: YouTube - How to Put the iPad in DFU Mode
  36. lrg32

    Just received a jailbroken iPad

    1.) Backgrounder, Full Force, make it mine, apt backup, wifi sync 2.) Shouldn't really be talking about getting the app store apps for free on here as I think thats against the rules. But google hackulous and do a bit of reading. 3.) Rock Also remember to backup your SHSH, or simply have...
  37. lrg32

    Who doesn't own an iPhone . . .

    I wish I could use an iphone again so bad. I moved into a new apartment a few months back that gets zero reception when using the iphone. Sad to say but I had to sell my iphone and am currently using a blackberry tour just because for some reason, I get one bar with this phone. Well hopefully a...
  38. lrg32

    Battery Replacement ?

    Yeah just backup your ipad on itunes before taking the ipad in, then when you get a new ipad just restore it on itunes from that backup. Also anything that you purchase from the itunes store can be re-downloaded at any point without having to pay for it again. So in the case you dont restore...
  39. lrg32

    Making back ups of DVD's

    Well you have many options for this: a. If you have 2 dvd drives on your computer you can easily rip and burn a dvd in under 20 mins. b. If you only have 1 dvd drive youd have to rip it to your computer 1st then swap in the blank dvd and burn. c. You can rip all your dvds to your...
  40. lrg32

    Which case to buy?

    I love incipio's cases, I have the silicrylic case on my iphone, but haven't bought it for my ipad yet. I cover all my stuff in full-body shields similar to Zagg and not many cases will fit w/ the shield on, but the silicrylic fits great w/ it. Im currently using a full-body shield w/ a incase...