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  1. MattIM

    Three Years Ago I Bought An iPad!

    This iPad has been with me every where. I have used it every day in the past three years. I bought a 64gig, wifi plus cellular unit. I bought it two days before I went on vacation to Beaver Island, Michigan. I used this iPad to help me navigate from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Beaver Island. I had...
  2. MattIM

    Splashtop Remote Desktop is FREE

    This app enables you to access your PC via your iPad. It works great. It is normally much more expensive than 'free'. This is a temporary price to celebrate the apps highly favored and download app.
  3. MattIM

    Is This A Good Deal?

    This is a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. I have a little cash to burn and was wondering if this is a good price and would it be a good product to get to know about an Android OS system? It's Os version is Ice Cream Sandwich--is this the latest version?
  4. MattIM

    Pondering Migration From iPad Original to the Newer iPads

    When the original iPad became available, I waited two months before buying it. I spent those two months on this IPF website, reading and watching all of the things those members had to say about their new iPad. When I got my tax refund, I went for broke and bought the iPad 64 Gig, Wifi+3G...
  5. MattIM

    Eleven Years you know where you were?

    I was in a conference room in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. My team arrived the day before so we could settle in for a month long business development audit. We arrived at 8:30am and started setting up our workroom, plugging in our laptops and securing office supplies. As usual, we logged on to the...
  6. MattIM

    Anybody Upgrade iOS to 5.1.1?

    Upgrade posted on 05/07. But you can go into settings, press software upgrade and do it over the air. I upgraded all three iPads in my possession this morning. There was only five or six bugs and fixes. It took about 10 minutes per iPad.
  7. MattIM

    What is the BEST Tablet To Buy?

    The only tablet I own is an iPad. I'm pretty confident I know this device pretty well. Lately, I've noticed many discussions about the iPad iOS versus the Android. These discussions have piqued my curiosity. I recently got my bonus and after my bills have been paid, my budget issues resolved...
  8. MattIM

    Sold Out In Fort Wayne, Indiana!

    There is no Apple Store here in Fort Wayne. The nearest one is in Indianapolis.-->not driving 130 miles. Today was a beautifully sunny, spring day in Fort Wayne--I decided it would be a fun to drive around the nearest stores that were supposed to have the new iPad available. Stopped in at Best...
  9. MattIM

    Help Please: I Need An App that will...

    ....convert my church's pictorial directory into an interfacable (for lack of a better word) application. Here is what I need: 1. I have a pictorial directory with a lot of members photos. I want to be able to press on a photo and bring up that member's information such as their address...
  10. MattIM

    Early Signs of Spring?

    I was at my local large chain grocery store, Meijers (not an endorsement) on Sunday, February 05. I usually wander over to the electronics section of the store where I sometimes find great bargains like flash usb drives or printer cartridges when I noticed all of Meijer's iPads were $70 off of...
  11. MattIM

    Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration

    A couple weeks ago I got an email from my company's community group asking people to attend the MLK celebration. I figured this was a good way to get out of work, right? So here I am at the celebration, there is a choir on stage singing about thank you Jesus...a soloists is leading a choir...
  12. MattIM

    I Bought A Refurb Ipad2...

    ...on Sunday, November 20, 2011. Apple sent me confirmation of my order an hour later. The next day, I received notification that my order has been received and it was shipped. The email gave me a link to FedEx. The email told me to expect the iPad around 11/28 or 11/29. GREAT! Since this...
  13. MattIM

    Would You Buy a 64GIG Wifi iPad One?

    I have an opportunity to buy a brand new, in the box iPad One 64GIG Wifi for US$400.00. It even qualifies for the original iPad warranty. Would you buy it? I'm considering that this is as good a price as I'll get and it would make me a wonderful gift giver to someone I am considering giving it...
  14. MattIM

    An Open Letter to NYR16, ipfmike, Aldo,

    artemisblossom, and every one who was counting down to Christmas and getting their iPad. I enjoyed reading this thread: Well? Was it worth the wait?
  15. MattIM

    Stylus: Targus versus Stylus-R-Us Roger iWand

    Here is a side by side comparison of my two styli 1. Tarsus Stylus, purchased at Best Buy for US$17.99. 2. The Roger Aluminium iWand, purchased online at STYLUS-R-US*** -**** WE HAVE NO COMPETITION! - MOTTO for US$23.99
  16. MattIM

    I Am A Member Of A Large Church

    That is doing its best to go "green". One of the items it is trying to eliminate is the Sunday bulletin. Just to print the bulletin costs at least US$20,000 per year--not including staff time to prepare the bulletin. What I would like to happen on this project: 1. When you sit in your pew...
  17. MattIM

    Bill-fl Please Read

    I was on the Apple website looking to see if Apple has changed "coming soon" to "available". So I went over to accessories to see if there was any thing new. I scrolled down the page and came across this image. I have to apologize to you. This image below clearly shows a camera attached to...
  18. MattIM

    Photobucket for iPad No Longer Opens

    In the last week, every time I launch Photobucket, it stays on the blue screen and then it takes me back to home page. I then launch again a second time, and usually this allows me to get into Photobucket. Today, I tried getting into the app--once, twice, and trice to no avail. I go to the app...
  19. MattIM

    Fed Ex Is Awful!!

    I thought the comments were overblown about Fed Ex but now that I've had an experience with them, I can honestly say, Fed Ex is amazingly incompetent. Ignore this post if you have been there done that...I got notification from Apple that the IPad case I ordered was shipped on 07/13/2010 from...