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  1. jaba123

    iPhone 6s

    Hello friend as I can not login in iPhone forum can pls help me there I keep changing my passcode 6s for my kid as he use too much time playing games now I forgot the code but I know emails, password in which device running also we had 2 phones on same ID. Plz advice I will thank.
  2. jaba123


    Hello, I brought google chromecast I can YouTube on led but how can I play my videos which are on my mobile.tks.
  3. jaba123

    WhatsApp in iPhone

    hello friends, pls tell me how can I upload my 2 minutes video in WhatsApp status. I did not use instagram on my phone.tks
  4. jaba123

    iPhone forum

    Hello friends sorry I’m posting here I cannot open iPhone from in my country. While use any app when ever I had Sms on my sim I will notifi banner come from top and stay there for while then gone. I did do any changes and now no banner when stop using app then I see message appears without any...
  5. jaba123

    Health app

    Hello to I check health app icon ❤️Like where I saw 2434 steps show sir did our iPhone show real time results without fittest band.
  6. jaba123

    iPad or iPhone apps

    Hello friends, plz advice me free translations app free & 2nd if I pay for any app then it’s will be run anther country as I payed in country
  7. jaba123

    Stopped downloading apps

    Hello friends I had a ipad4 with updated software 10.3.3 till today when ever we try to download even 8 ball pool but it can’t and pop up appears (unable to download app could not be downloaded at this time) I done restart hard logout & login again my I store but nothing good plz advise tks
  8. jaba123


    Hello friends,I m posting my question there because I can not reachable to iPhone forum due to my network issues plz allow me to ask there.... I want to know how can Make big text in Sms notifications alert because when writing or reading sms size is big but notification is not thanks.
  9. jaba123

    Update iOS

    hello freiends my wife update my iPad now the currently it's shows 10.3.3. Now and I go back or downgrade my iPad and if it's possible kindly guide me how will be thanks.
  10. jaba123

    iCloud disappear

    Hi, I updated pix via PC then one folder make on my iPad iCloud appear after 2 3 month its disappear.
  11. jaba123

    Facebook messenger

    Hi, how logout from FB messenger version 94.0 the same issue in android can any one help me out Tkz.
  12. jaba123


    Hi,sir can we order online on Black Friday to avoid this Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. jaba123

    Update via iTunes

    Hi, when we connect device with PC then ask for IOS update Popup ask for 2 option download and download & update.i want to ask different between both.thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. jaba123

    Songs downloads

    Hi,plz tell any apps which help me to download songs as I installed savaan its help me to online listening but I can't download.
  15. jaba123

    Bluetooth sharing

    Hi, I had iPad and now I want to share some pix with iPhone who can I do. I open Bluetooth to share like android but I can't. Tks in advance for reply.
  16. jaba123

    Can we downgrade 9.3.2

    Hello, can I downgrade after update if my device make any problem Tkz
  17. jaba123

    Whatsapp for ipad

    Hello, did iPad support what's app even I use my sim number for reference (for receive of verification code). thanks. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  18. jaba123

    Photo app password protected

    Hello,friend please advice me sample and easy pix password protected app in which I can move my pix easy no long process to exporting data so if my iPad has been use between family members I can maintain my privacy. Tkz. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  19. jaba123

    Google map

    Hi, when I open MAP in iPad and if I open google map via safari it give lot of detail about buildings,road comparing MAP app why?
  20. jaba123

    Help face time

    Hello, my friend called me on FT but I can't received I lick but ended call also I can't call him.i thought maybe my updated is in pending so first update it then I logout from iCloud and FT again I login in iCloud but FT hanging and hanging after I write my ID & password I try restart also hard...
  21. jaba123

    What is that

    Hello, I don't had iTunes folder on my iPad but since morning I got this popup by & by
  22. jaba123

    Facebook app

    Hello, did anyone knows about advance Facebook app which inform us that how & who visited our page.
  23. jaba123

    Vibrating screen

    Hello, friend my iPad tropes five feet high by my son now while playing game sound low near 50% down even I make volume full and screen Vibrating. I can use it very well put little Vibration and sound issue did its require repair. Maybe screen shot help all of u to understand red mark is for...
  24. jaba123

    Diagnostic & usages

    Hello, in setting/privacy/ diagnostic usage, I click automatically send option but data not send did it take space and also why list not clear. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  25. jaba123

    After update 9.3

    Hell, after update upto 9.3 I feel my iPad little slow while staring it take time for loading.yes I already do restarted and hard.
  26. jaba123

    Locking App

    Hello, when he put passcode then we enter in device. Did any other apps or way that lock our photo,contact,mail,so some else can't see if I give my device by my wish.
  27. jaba123

    Something happened to my tab

    Hello, I was using FB suddenly my news feed gone and show sign no network, I logout and try in again now error show 4, next I don't know who it done but 3imessages sent from my address but all shows in red "not delivered ". And one more I try to download my FB app again now it say ur id password...
  28. jaba123

    After update iOS new 9+

    Hello, after update every time if want to install app which I download before but not onboard iPad ask for ID password can I disabled it. Sent from my iPad
  29. jaba123

    App not running fine

    Hello, my app (skitch apps) is running fine can some one help me I make hard restart also no update said app is in pending. Sent from my iPad
  30. jaba123

    Photo Storage

    Hi,after update to iOS 9.2.1 in photo album there is 6 to 8 folders make like camera roll, selfies,delete,screen shots, all want to know if I had 50 selfies photo then it's doubled in both folders did it take double spaces. Tks Sent from my iPad
  31. jaba123


    Hi, it's possible that I download video file (torrent) on PC window and view movie on iPad also. Sent from my iPad
  32. jaba123

    Battery feature

    Hello, what is means of enable auto lock in setting/battery, and what is for thanks. Sent from my iPad
  33. jaba123


    Hello, the button I mark is for..?
  34. jaba123


    Hello, I play radio for songs but I can not change sound via equalizer. I change sound from setting but it's not effects.
  35. jaba123


    Hello, friends, please advice me if I play tv channel thro app on my iPad did its required some kind of history clear so the iPad did not take any space on that.
  36. jaba123

    Gmail issue

    Hi, what that for I can't send mails thanks
  37. jaba123

    Use proxy is ?

    Hello, plz tell me what's use online proxy converting site not not name but why and 2nd how it's use right or wrong. Thanks
  38. jaba123

    Connected to iTunes

    Hello, friends when I connected to video folder which is by default its divert me to iTunes where one diversion waiting for me iTunes but finally iTunes show sign to connect to iTunes what that
  39. jaba123

    Viber ringtone

    Hello, can I change.
  40. jaba123

    Not hacking

    Hello, it's not a hacking issue I thing so. I forget my own wifi device password, my iPad is connected with device but when I go in setting/wifi my iPad show connected but any option available that it's show me my device password so I can connecte also my phone or I reset my device. Sent...