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  1. ml88

    New ipad user I purchased and ipad 2 for my daughter for school

    Download Skyfire :) Sent from my iPad using iPF app from Philippines
  2. ml88

    Note taking app for iPad

    I use Noteshelf. Try it! You'll like it :)
  3. ml88

    Best app to use FACEBOOK

    I use in Atomic Web Browser. Looking forward for the upcoming official Facebook app :)
  4. ml88

    iPad 2 ShoutOut! from PH

    ▲Thanks! Are you Pinoy?
  5. ml88

    Screen Protectors

    @jetspeed8 Got it from our local apple retail store here in the Philippines :) It retails for 950PHP or almost 22USD. Got it for free as part of the privilege if you buy the iPad2 from them.
  6. ml88

    Screen Protectors

    I have mine, the brand I'm using- Capdase :) It says, Superb Transparency & Anti-Glare. Finger-Print & Grease Resistant. I am for the glossy one, and I'm pleased with it. :)
  7. ml88

    iPad 2 ShoutOut! from PH

    Hi everyone, Maria here from Philippines! :) I love Apple products, particularly my latest baby The iPad 2! :ipad-keyboard: So what brings me here? Learning tips and tricks as well as discovering cool (new) apps! And also... I wanna share what I (already) know, will try my very...