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    Changes to the iPad 2 keyboard?

    I am not sure if this has been discussed, but are there changes to the iPad 2 virtual keyboard? I am sticking with my first gen for now, but something that I always wanted to see on the keyboard was arrow keys for moving my cursor around. I am also interested in any other low-key...
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    Keyboard Dock first impressions

    I received my keyboard dock today via UPS. I ordered 2, one for myself and one for my lovely wife. we both have the 64GB wifi versions. the feel and weight of the keyboard is substantial, and as such feels solid, and not unbalanced as I thought it might with the IPad docked. Docking is very...
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    AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!! still not delivered

    I am outside of Seattle about 40 miles. Post your location if you like, if you are still waiting. It is 11:17am here
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    Any cross platform users out there?

    I have mac products at home and windows based computing at work. On my Ipods, when I connect them to charge on my Win OS laptop, it always wants to reformat. I of course decline and no big deal, but what about using the IPad? I suspect the same issue but I thought I would ask. P.S. be...
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    My Keyboard docks arrive next Thursday!

    I just got the shipping notification today and it says they will both arrive on Thursday the 8th. Initially it said they would not arrive until the 20th so I am happily surprised.
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    Anyone have tips on preserving battery life?

    I would like to know if any of the more experienced users of Apple gear have tips on preserving the IPAD's battery life over an extended time. After 6 month's will it still be 10+ hours?
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    Ebay auctions already?

    Just for kicks, I went to ebay and punched in IPAD...... I found crazy prices, i.e. $ 699.00 for a 16GB wi-fi! I sure am glad I pre ordered my 64GB wi-fi, they bidding for $ 1000.00+