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  1. Goavs18

    are you a mac or a windows user?

    mac user at home, windows at work
  2. Goavs18


    Or in Kuwait
  3. Goavs18


    I wasn't displeased I was just asking a question and did a little research and was posting my findings. I don't have cellular service just wifi on my iPad so it wouldn't really work on it anyways.
  4. Goavs18


    Ok, I went out to the apple web support and found out that passbook is only available for iphone and Ipod touch.
  5. Goavs18


    I updated to IOS6 and had a question about passbook, is passbook only provided for Ipads with a cellular network? Because I am unable to locate it on my Ipad. I have an Ipad3 wifi.
  6. Goavs18

    Which Apple products do you own?

    I own the following: Iphone 4S 32gb Ios 5.1.1 Jailbroken Ipad (3) 64gb wifi Ipod Nano 16gb MBP 15" (late 2011) OSx 10.8.1
  7. Goavs18

    Magazines on the iPad?

    I use zinio, works great
  8. Goavs18

    video payback black screen Help!!

    OK FYI, I got it fixed if anybody else has the same issue, I guess the video locked up so what I ended up doing was to re-sync the ipad without the videos by unchecking sync movies & tv shows once it was done re-sync'd the videos and it works fine. **This thread can closed**
  9. Goavs18

    video payback black screen Help!!

    hello, my wife is having an issue with her New iPad, I don't have the iPad in front of me she is at work, she tried to play a video from the IOS Video App and all she is getting is a black screen (no controls will show up when she taps the screen), I had her close all open apps including the...
  10. Goavs18

    WiFi connected but won't connect to internet

    I am in Kuwait and the internet here sucks so I have issues all of the time, I have had the same thing happen to me and one thing I have had to do is forget the network and reconnect to it, this worked for me. hope this helps.
  11. Goavs18

    How do you name the "New iPad"?

    I call it Ipad3
  12. Goavs18

    MAC OS question...

    From what I understand after snow leopard, disc's wont be made you will only be able to download updates throught the mac app store. I believe snow leopard will come as a disc then the app store will be loaded and that is how all updates will come.
  13. Goavs18

    Calendar subcription ?

    I have been trying to sync my subcribed calendars from my Ipad to my MBP, I cant figure out how to get them to transfer. I have 2 different subcriptions calendars that I have subcribed on my Ipad. Please Help.
  14. Goavs18

    IPad-3 Charging from my Laptop through USB cable

    My Ipad3 charges through my MBP, I dont know the rate but it does charge and shows charging with the lightning bolt through the battery icon.
  15. Goavs18


    OK I thought a text was sent to a phone# (which will show as Green Bubble) and an Imessage was sent to an email address (which will show up as a blue bubble)? but both will show on and an Iphone and only Imessages will show up on and Ipad. inorder for the IPhone to receive imessage it has to be...
  16. Goavs18

    Fixing Parts Not Themed

    Ok I found a link in cydia for the theme and followed the link to the web site for the theme and the author has a whole forum thread dedicated for the Icons for this theme, there are over 1254 icons for this theme. people have made icons for this theme and there was a zip file with all of the...
  17. Goavs18

    Fixing Parts Not Themed

    Marilyn, Thanks so much
  18. Goavs18

    Iphone forum

    when you go to login there is an link for forgot password, you will have to do this on a computer I believe
  19. Goavs18

    Fixing Parts Not Themed

    ok I have a question I see these tweaks mentioned a lot iconoclasm & shrink, what do these actually do? I havent jailbroken my Ipad but I have jailbroken my Iphone4s. Oh and another thing how do you edit your icons that the theme wont change?
  20. Goavs18

    Personal Cloud Storage

    I have been thinking about getting a Personal cloud but not sure which one to get I have looked at the WD my book live or the Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive, Cloud Edition. I have read mixed reviews on both. I saw that there are people in this thread that have both. I was wanting to get...
  21. Goavs18

    Jailbreaking Ipad 3?

    Yeah I know about the iPhone forum, I'm a member over there too same username
  22. Goavs18

    Jailbreaking Ipad 3?

    Yeah I have read almost all of the stickies and tutorials, I didnt expect anybody to talk me into it or not. But I think Im going to try my Iphone first and if I like it I might jailbreak my ipad.
  23. Goavs18

    Jailbreaking Ipad 3?

    Hi All, I have been thinking about jailbreaking my Ipad 3 running IOS 5.1.1, I have downloaded absinthe 2.0.4. My question is with the newer IOS 6 coming out shortly and all the new features is it worth jailbreaking? also are there a lot of themes out there for the Ipad 3 or will I have to wait...
  24. Goavs18

    Official Themed & Tweaked Screenshot Gallery

    I used to create themes for Blackberry's, is there a program to create themes for the Iphones/Ipads?
  25. Goavs18

    Official Themed & Tweaked Screenshot Gallery

    That is a nice clean theme, I havent jailbroken my Ipad yet if I download a theme like this one will I be able to change the wallpapers still? I like the Icons
  26. Goavs18

    iOS 6 Promises Big Changes for iPad and iPhone

    found this article today, iOS 6 announcement confirmed by conference center banner - Technolog on
  27. Goavs18

    I pad3 big joke

    here is an article with the differences: iPad 2 Vs iPad 3 - Is the new iPad a Significant Upgrade? | Maybe this will help
  28. Goavs18

    The New iPad Case Review - Otterbox Defender Case

    recieved my otterbox the other day, I really like it. I think it is even better the the one I have for my Iphone 4s
  29. Goavs18

    music videos playback?

    Yes it is with the native video app that comes with the Ipad Ok thanks for the info, I was wondering if there is a way to put them in a playlist and have them play like that?
  30. Goavs18

    music videos playback?

    I have looked and can't find this, is there a way to play music videos one after the other without having to keep going back to the music video area and selecting a new one.
  31. Goavs18

    Java in Safari

    You know I didnt even think of that, that might be the problem. unsually when I go to web sites with flash it will say install flash player or something like that. thanks very much
  32. Goavs18

    Java in Safari

    Ok I went to a web site the other day and I was trying to access my account for that web site and it started I need to enable Java, so I went to my settings to enable java but it was already on. Is there something else I need to do to enable java in safari?
  33. Goavs18

    Connect Ipad to TV

    yes you can use a hard wire to connect your ipad to your TV, this is the one I use Apple Composite AV cable Yes the picture will fill the screen
  34. Goavs18

    My Apps won't start

    not sure if this will work for you, but when I got my new ipad I had a couple of apps that did the same thing, what I had to do was to delete the app and re-install it, after I did that it worked fine,
  35. Goavs18

    Intial setup Wi Fi

    try this: go to settings>wifi, under wifi if the network you were trying to connect to is showing there is a blue arrow to the right of it click it, it will open and you will see (forget this network) click it to clear the network and go back and try to connect to it again with the correct...
  36. Goavs18

    IOS 5.1.1 update on the New Ipad

    Ok FYI, went a head and updated both ipads with out any issues, I guess the posts that I have read were isolated issues. thanks for the input I recieved.
  37. Goavs18

    IOS 5.1.1 update on the New Ipad

    I have a question, I was over on the Apple forums and was reading that a few people have been having issue with the 5.1.1 update causing their Ipad2 and Ipad3 bricking the ipads. I have looked through these forums and havent seen anything about this, I was just wondering. Me and my wife are...
  38. Goavs18

    Songs used in Nightclub

    have you tried to goggle the lyrics, when I here a song that I like and dont know I google the lyrics and most of the time I find with no problem, when I google "I need you in my life" it came up with a few MC Magic, & Undercover Agent are a few. Im not familiar with the app so I dont know all...
  39. Goavs18


    I havent been able to just drag movies to the ipad. do this, if the moivie is already in Itunes, connect your Ipad to you PC click on the Ipad (in Itunes) and go to the movies tab and check the box next to the movie and sync your ipad, the movie will be on you Ipad
  40. Goavs18

    ipad 2 to tv ??

    I use the Apple Composite AV Cable as well and it works great, I know when I first tried to watch anything from my Iphone4 I was given the option to select TV. maybe that is the problem?