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  1. AlexisW

    Jumping ship

    After many problems and intrusions by Apple concerning my data allowance, I have decided to buy the Microsoft Surface 4 as soon as it comes out. If anyone has been looking elsewhere besides this forum, it has been found that Apple and it's iCloud has been a total mess. As a result, ISPs have...
  2. AlexisW

    Data allowance drain again

    It happened again last night. My data allowance was completely drained by 02:00 am. Diagnostics and Data show a crash at 02:24 am. So far so good this morning, but I keep watching. I got a data refill and do not want to lose that too. This is ridiculous. As the data was draining I watched...
  3. AlexisW

    icloud drive!

    My original problem was with data draining. I deleted my icloud account from my ipad and the problem went away. I was stupid and wanted to verify that it was icloud because I have emails stored in the icloud account that I need. I reactivated icloud to see if the emails were still there...
  4. AlexisW

    Data drain when plugged in and locked!

    I have turned everything off - automatic everything - background everything. Every time that my iPad 3 is plugged in and locked and on wifi my data starts draining. When I unplug it, it stops. This is driving me crazy! I updated to 8.1.1 last night during my ISP free time. I thought the update...
  5. AlexisW

    Trashed emails keep coming back

    I thought that the new update this morning would fix this, but it has not. I have to trash the emails several times before they go away permanently. Especially the iCloud emails. Very annoying.
  6. AlexisW

    iCloud - What a joke!

    Waited up for free download time to do iCloud backup for my iPad 3. Turned it on. Took forever to give estimated time. Finally gave estimated time for less than 1GB. 22 hours! Give me a break!
  7. AlexisW

    Photos problem

    In the albums view there are 3 Last Import albums with nothing in them. How do I get rid of them?
  8. AlexisW

    Cannot send mail to icloud accounts from accounts

    I cannot send mail to my icloud accounts from my accounts. I send them but the icloud accounts do not receive them. I can successfully send emails from my gmail account to the icloud accounts. Help!
  9. AlexisW

    How to delete an app forever

    There have been times that I downloaded an app and tried it and did not like it, so I deleted it. Why does iTunes continue to try to download these apps to my PC? When it starts downloading I have to delete each one - every time! This is getting tiresome. Delete means Delete - or does it?
  10. AlexisW

    Connecting iPad to TV using DLNA

    This is too cool! I have a Panasonic Viera TC-L47ET5 TV. I am using the MediaConnect app and the Viera Remote app to play my music and view my photos on the TV from my iPad.
  11. AlexisW

    Cannot log in to Yahoo through Safari

    I am a member of a few Yahoo groups and cannot log in using my iPad. The sign in page comes up, I put in my username and password. The verification screen comes up. I put in the code. Yahoo comes back telling me to sign in again. Tried it using my laptop - no problem. Anybody know what...
  12. AlexisW

    How do websites know that I have an iPad?

    This may be a dumb question, but how do they know? What else do they know?
  13. AlexisW

    Music playing all of a sudden

    Has anybody had this happen? I don't have any alarms set. The Music app is not open. Happens at random times. It has scared the beegeezes out of me a couple of times!
  14. AlexisW

    Creative D100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

    Anybody have this? If so, how is it? How does it sound with just the batteries? I listen to all kinds of music and like a good bass sound as well as also hearing the highs and mids. I prefer using AA batteries so I don't have to worry about battery life. Any info would be appreciated.
  15. AlexisW

    Jail break...Why?

    What are the advantages of jail breaking the iPad?
  16. AlexisW

    Are there problems with keeping iPad plugged in?

    Probably a really dumb question, but I don't know the answer. TIA....and please be gentle with me.
  17. AlexisW

    Annoying pop up looking for cellular connection

    I must have done something. All of a sudden now, my wifi gets turned off and I get the message that no cellular network can be found. I bet that I clicked the wrong thing on a pop up from Verizon asking me to sign up. The top left corner of the screen looks different also. It used to say...
  18. AlexisW

    Secret folder HD

    I just installed secret folder and it said - 'album error user denied access' Now it just says loading. I created a photo folder and clicked the add button. Does anybody know what may be the problem? When I took a picture, it loaded into the folder, no problem. TIA
  19. AlexisW

    iCloud took all of my contacts out of Outlook!

    There is an iCloud folder with my contacts in it in Outlook. How can I get my contacts back in Outlook where they belong?
  20. AlexisW

    Has anyone used the hotspot?

    If so, what do you think? Any tips or tricks?
  21. AlexisW

    iPF app

    I really like this app! I do have a question. When I start the app, in order to view this forum the way that I see it on my laptop, I have to click on a thread and then click the right arrow on th top of the page of the thread. Is there a setting that I am missing?
  22. AlexisW

    New iPad safari

    How do I get safari to remember login and password? I have done the settings and cannot figure out how to get it to work.
  23. AlexisW

    Email question

    In Outlook on my Pc I have sub-folders in my inbox. I keep emails from Amazon in one sub-folder, for example. Is there a way to do this on the iPad? Sent from my iPad using iPF
  24. AlexisW

    App ratings

    Hi! I'm getting my first iPad on Friday and have been looking in iTunes at the App section. Tons of apps! Why aren't the apps listed with star ratings? I have to go into each app in order to see the ratings. Is there another way to view the apps listings that shows the ratings? Thanks in...
  25. AlexisW

    4G Hotspot

    With the new iPad having a built-in hotspot, will I be able to use it for my HP laptop? Verizon is including free hotspot use in the plans for the iPad. I currently have Hughesnet for my home Internet access, which is expensive - $75/month. This way I can get rid of Hughesnet and use the...