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  1. NYC Adam

    Backup before update to iOS5 on non iTunes content & separation of content questions

    Downloaded and updated iPhone. Have different content on iphone and ipad. I would like to update the iPad iOS, however have way more content on it. As well, I am concerned that the non iTunes items like music and photos will be deleted permanently - they are not on iTunes currently. Have an...
  2. NYC Adam

    Looking for old school

    Good afternoon y'all. Looking for exact match, clones or closest for some old games, some VERY old games... I know Atari came out with a retro app, but got booed in reviews and IPF for the most part. Would love any other retro suggestions. Gyruss - early 80's. was addicted. so much so...
  3. NYC Adam

    Favorites & Top 10 Apps & Games lists w/Justification

    Folks - I would like to start yet another thread on this with one main difference - could you all share what apps you use most/like best with a little description and then justification as to why you like the application you write about? Once in a while someone does this but most of the time...
  4. NYC Adam

    Easter Eggs / Cheats / Game Secrets?

    Was going to post asking about if anyone has found or heard of any, but then went to and BINGO. if you know this already or it's been posted under "yesterday's news" I apologize, but if you haven't heard or seen these, check em out: iPad Cheats, Codes, Unlockables, Hints...
  5. NYC Adam

    Camera for iPad 1?

    Forgive me if this has been answered, but is there accessory such as this? A camera attachment? Or a way to use video chat on the original iPad? Thanks in advance...
  6. NYC Adam

    Home security/monotoring/controling app?

    I have a weekend/summer home about 2 hours away and was wondering if anyone knew of an app that allowed monitoring it while I was not there. Maybe a status feature and cameras to check in once and a while? Features that would allow turning on the heat/ac/lights before arriving, etc and...
  7. NYC Adam

    Goodreader video interaction

    I use Goodreader for business and personal use, but do NOT want to use it for video - they don't play in Goodreader anyway??? So my quandary is that if I get a video via email for instance and want to save it, the only option is to "open in Goodreader". I checked setting s in and out of the...
  8. NYC Adam

    Apps for pre teen/early teens?

    I have a buddy in my office asking about apps for his daughter who is 12 and a half. I have no answers? Angry Birds and Flipboard? Anyone have any thoughts for great apps, bearing in mind I have no idea what she is "in to"... Thanks in advance...
  9. NYC Adam

    What top 3 games have you spent the MOST HOURS playing

    And how may hours per game? Let's keep the list short - between 2 or 3 (if you can!) but elaborate for each game... I have spent at least 75 hours on "Tilt to Live HD". At least a hour a day - it's a great diet, instead of lunch, I play. Probably the same amount of time on the old stand by...
  10. NYC Adam

    Making the move to iphone to sync w/iPad

    So I take my tech seriously. I received an iPad last November for my birthday and quickly took to it. I have long been sold on Apple and have a Mac at home along with a bunch of PC's. I have a Blackberry tour and will make the iPhone switch, just not sure when – just do it or wait for the 5...
  11. NYC Adam

    OK, OK - now I get the "I need friends" thing.

    NYC Adam on Game Center. Let's Link up Any game suggestions?
  12. NYC Adam

    Pretty incredible looking photo editing app

    Name says it all - I just discovered and downloaded "100 Cameras in 1" which lets you easily tweak photos with thousands of results in a super simple way. Basically you either select a photo from your library or take a new one and immediately you can swipe sideways and the app shows you 100...
  13. NYC Adam

    Need Friends! What game? I just need friends.

    I'm so lonley. Kiddding, what is this all about - need frineds for game "X" or game "Y". More than half the posts are beggin for in-game friends. What gives? Can anyone explain?
  14. NYC Adam

    Is anyone as addicted as I am?

    to "Tilt To Live HD" i'm obsessed!
  15. NYC Adam

    Need Suggestions: If you were on a desert island, what 3 games....

    OK folks, need the real game junkies help here. In the market for a new one or two - don't care about price. Finished Angry Birds, playing World of Goo, Infinity Blade, addicted (seriously) to Tilt To Live HD, played a myriad of others. Played and did NOT like Island HD (boring), could do...
  16. NYC Adam

    Non tech/non interested spouse

    What to do when you have a significcant other with no interest in the wonders of your gizmo (the electronic one). Anyone come accross cool apps or ideas to get your other half excited about the pad?
  17. NYC Adam

    New Forum/Thread Categories?

    Just a thought - maybe there should be a separate, stand alone category for just games? It seems as if games are by far the most popular app category, followed by business, but I could be wrong. Thoughts? Also, when people are offered an open forum to voice their opinions, there is always...
  18. NYC Adam

    Using iPad to control the outside world

    OK so I've heard of people using iPad to control toy choppers, real yachts, their home security, electronics and sound systems. Access your PC or MAC. How and what do you use your iPad for to control things other than your game brain? What software allows you to turn on your home security...
  19. NYC Adam

    Favorite place where time stops and you can rack up that elusive hi score?

    OK so right now mine is Jury Duty, where and or when do you have the quality time necessary to rack up huge points or get past that stubborn spot in the game you just can't accomplish in a lousy one hour lunch break?
  20. NYC Adam

    Dear iPad - an open letter to my gizmo

    Dear iPad Just a quick note to thank you for being here for me while I am stuck waiting to see if I get picked for jury duty. Once again, I find myself Thankful for you as I don't know what I would do without you here. I would be bored to tears, restless and talking to strangers. Thank...
  21. NYC Adam

    iPad carrier switch question

    Good morning again forum - I got my beloved iPad as a gift late last year. It is an ATT iPad, I have a Verizon BB. It is not connected to the network currently, I simply use WIFI. I am wondering a few things - Can I switch the iPad to Verizon via a chip or some other way? I don't want...
  22. NYC Adam

    Quickoffice crashing constantly

    I think quickoffice is an awesome application for word, excel, ppt, etc however it constantly crashes. I am thinking it is because I email myself files and save them to the application's inbox as opposed to using something like dropbox or saving them into the program using a computer...
  23. NYC Adam

    Good morning from NYC and thank you in advance!

    Good morning, quite excited about the forum, also a member of crackberry forums, although I may being switching to the iPhone. Live and work you know where (except on the weekends) - work in insurance/finance, married, have a 9 month old son named Lennox. Not sure what else to tell ya...