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    Out your HTPC & Media Servers!

    Seeing as there isn't a more specific area for this... Would anyone like to chat about their HTPC (Home Theatre PC) and/or Media Servers; specs, how they've integrated it into the rest of their home entertainment system, and their Apple (and other..) devices? :) I've just got curious while i'm...
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    Any genuinely useful JB apps other than MyWi?

    Just struggling to find anything actually useful other than the above (as I travel a lot and it allows me to share my PAYG 3G with my iPhone). I'm not interested in themes and beeps.. Just useful tools which I can't get from the App store for whatever reason. A lock screen display with...
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    Answer: OMAN

    Both of the main Omani carriers (Omanitel and Nawras) provide 3G services via their prepaid/pay as you go SIMs. The best option is Omanitel. 1 Omani Rial for 24hours. This is enabled by sending a service text from a handset and then place the SIM in your iPad. A pain, but it works. You will...
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    Black screen when trying to purchase in Cydia?

    Click purchase, screen "swaps" and I'm just faced with blackness... :confused: Any ideas please? MyWi has proven to be a little gem and I don't want to lose it when the trial expires!
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    Cellular network service message sending app!?

    Basically I'm after an app that will allow me to send mobile network service code/numbers (like: #652#24*). I'm guessing this will be from cydia rather than the 'official' app store. The reason I need this is that I spend a lot of time in a country where the sim I use allows daily one price...
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    Mods - list of tariffs suitable for tourists/visitors worldwide?

    Just a question/suggestion really. Given the international vibe of this forum, wouldn't it be useful to have somewhere on the site where there is a list of network providers with tariffs suitable for visitors/tourists when travelling abroad? I.e. Those that provide daily pay as you go rates...
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    Remote desktop/VNC type app needed - specific requirements

    I'm after a recommendation as there are quite a few out there that do very slightly different things. I have an old laptop running vista home premium which I currently use as a media server. Since getting my AppleTV i've been spending more time tinkering with it, so... Currently i'm using...
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    Apple TV... So who's bought/buying one then?

    Wait. "CRapple TV, itz suxors, buy £800 HTPC 2 play avi, mkv, tic, abcde, fubar instead, google tv....... And it don't have 1080p... Or a microwave.. Or popcorn maker.. Or wings...and it's not fluffy goddamn it.. AND it doesn't have flash so I can watch dancing badgers". Hopefully that will...
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    iPad browsers.. A design question...

    ...I'm using Atomic now, but I wonder why they've stuck to the old tabs along the top design. Ive got two thumbs hanging around at the side of the screen doing nothing, I can't help thinking it would make more sense to have the tabs down the side. Maybe its simply me and how much I use tabs...
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    Idea..? Compile a list of all ipad service providers

    It seems lots of people here use (or want to use!) their ipads internationally - might it be a good idea to start compiling a list of worldwide service providers, highlighting those that are particularly suitable for short term use? Might sound like lots of work, but I think there are enough...
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    Are you looking for a camera kit in the UK?

    If so, if your local currys stocks the iPad, have a look in there. I popped into the Lincoln branch this morning and they had 3 in their cabinet. Needless to say, as the apple store infrequent hasn't seen any since launch I bought one there and then!
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    UAE sim card/data plan options?

    As above really. Specifically interested in pay as you go, and any option to buy/top up online. Thanks.
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    Has iPad ownership changed your internet habits?

    On a forum that deals with wider A/V type kit with a primarily UK membership, it appears that iPad ownership has made some changes to how owners use aspects of the net; I'm curious if thats a common occurrence or just the result of a small sample! Some examples of what I mean - I have been...
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    Tesla wars free in the app store

    Should I be concerned that I find electrocuting stick men oddly amusing!?
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    Apple a bit bashful - censorship in action...

    Apple accused of censorship after iPad erotic fiction removed from top 10 chart | Mail Online Is this the downside of ebooks? I'm not talking about a little bit of erotic fiction which offends some religious zealots or parents who rely on someone else to supervise their childrens exposure to...
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    Military iPad Users

    I thought I'd start a thread with the intention of getting information useful to members of the international military community regarding the use of their ipads when travelling & deployed. This is mainly because we tend to put our equipment, unintentionally, though some pretty rough treatment...
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    New iPad owner from the UK

    Bought myself a 64Gb 3G iPad two days ago, and already deeply in love with it! I think I even love it more than I love my 3Gs which I didn't realise was possible! Currently with Orange UK on their £15/3Gb/"unlimited" wi-fi @ BT Openzone hotspots. I can't wait for OS4 to be released as the...