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  1. Milliebert

    iPad or iTunes issue?

    I downloaded a compilation album from iTunes, in real terms it's a 3CD album, so 20 songs on each. In my Music app, the whole collection of songs have the same band as the artist, although every song is by a different artist. How do I change this? And how do I get it to list as three CD's, in...
  2. Milliebert

    Ipad music folder in German

    I ought my iPad mini two days ago so only just checked out the music folder, which is in German, any ideas how I can change it? Everything else in the iPad is set to English, so I don't have any idea why this is happening. Thanks
  3. Milliebert

    Anyone know whatbthis grren mark is?

    My iPad has a green mark in the screen. Under the screen. It is pixelated, and really annoying. So if anyone knows what it is or what to do, let me know please! Oh, and I can't see it on the keyboard or white back grounds!!! If I add the pic successfully, is down on the right above the...
  4. Milliebert

    Non-responsive touch screen

    Hi, sorry I haven't been around for a long time. I actually sold my iPad 2 a few months back (single mum, skint!) but having just got a new job I ordered a new one which arrived yesterday. As soon as I had set it up, I downloaded iOS 6. After a couple of hours playing with much loved and...
  5. Milliebert

    Chargers and selling on

    I know I have proclaimed the greatness of the iPad before now, but I am so bored with it. It isn't charging, despite me buying a new cable for it. I say it isn't charging, what I mean is, it decides itself when it wants to. I can put it on charge, and it refuses to. So I leave it. Check it...
  6. Milliebert

    Emails, imessage notifications

    Hi everyone. For some reason I am having a problem with my account. I can send emails and they are taking up to 24 hours to arrive at destination, and several hours for replies. I'm sending to my fiancé in Oz, from UK, I can be talking to him on his iPhone and send the email and it...
  7. Milliebert

    If you are buying a new printer

    There are lots of threads here about not being able to print. So I thought I'd do a quick post about the opposite, being able! I bought an HP Photosmart B110 Series. It was not in the Apple list at the time, but was clearly marked on the box "Compatible with iPad". I can print to it two...
  8. Milliebert

    Printing two pages to a sheet of a4

    Hello, I have dne a search and not found my answer (also went to the Apple Support Community... Man are those guys just rude!) I have a two page document I'd like to print on one page of a4 paper. Using Pages, iPad 2 and iOS 5, is there anyway to do this please? Many thank yous!
  9. Milliebert

    Adding attachments on webpages

    If I could add a file on my university website, I would never have to use a laptop again. I could do everything I need right here on my iPad. Does anyone think that will ever happen? I can create a Pages document as a .doc file. I just can't select it from any webpage when I need to upload...
  10. Milliebert

    Clarification on Apple ID and addresses please.

    Before I post this, I have spent hours trying to find a definitive answer and have failed, so here goes. I had an Apple Id, which was my email address prior to using an iPad, let's say *...*, and that is my iTunes sign in. When I upgraded to iOS5, I was asked to sign in using my...
  11. Milliebert

    Just for fun: iPad Guilty Pleasures!

    So we all know we can work on the iPad, listen to music, watch YouTube... And we all talk about the great features. But what is your guilty pleasure? KEEP IT CLEAN!! Mine? No matter what I do, I usually have Michael Bublé playing in the background! I know... Shoot me now!
  12. Milliebert

    Absolute stupidity made me glad I bought those screen shields!

    Ok so I think people who have accidents with their iPads are stupid. Now I have joined them! My house phone just rang, and I jumped up to answer it and put the iPad on the floor as I did so, not looking. Safe to do, I'm here alone, kids are at school and the cat is out. Came back with...
  13. Milliebert

    Do people expect too much?

    As I understand it, the iPad 2 is a mobile device, with some really cool features. It is not a replacement for a laptop, desktop, whatever. It is however, becoming my primary computing device thanks to apps like Pages and Storyist. But do some people expect it to replace computers? Are...
  14. Milliebert

    App swipe!

    Was just removing a piece of fluff from my screen, and I swiped my palm across the iPad... I didn't know that you could swipe between open apps!! I was in safari, and the whole thing swiped to the left and I was in a game, then I swiped again and got safari back... The only thing that used to...
  15. Milliebert

    Downloading iOS 5 Right now!!!!!!

    Yay! It says it will take 22 minutes.
  16. Milliebert

    OMG The Date Changed!

    Have just connected my iPad 2 which is synching and backing up now, having downloaded iTunes 10.5 this morning. Message says: "Your iPad software is up to date. iTunes will automatically check for an update again on 13/10/2011. This morning it said today! What does this mean, people...
  17. Milliebert

    A few question about today's upgrade

    I am not very technically minded, so I have a few questions about today's upgrade. None of them are about what time it will happen! OK... first, I have downloaded iTunes 10.5 (doing it now, seems to be smooth). I want to back up my iPad, how do I do that? Is that what is meant by just...
  18. Milliebert

    Yet another keyboard question!

    So I have finally taken my mac bluetooth keyboard out of the box and started using it. I'm learning quickly! But I cannot for the life of me use it to navigate around a webpage. For example, on windows (using internet explorer or Google chrome) to move quickly around the screen i use the tab...
  19. Milliebert

    Jailbreak ~ explain it to me... Like I'm a four year old.

    What it says in the title. Should everyone Jailbreak their iPad? Does it hurt the iPad, is it vulnerable to software issues? What is it? Is it a programme, or a generic term for adding other sorts of programmes/apps? And finally, does a mum like me, who uses it for writing, web browsing...
  20. Milliebert

    Have you seen this video??

    Love my iPad but there were a couple of things I thought could improve it... Tabbed browsing is one for me, and synching without connecting to a computer. Then I just watched this video for the new iOS 5. The best is getting better!!!
  21. Milliebert

    Keyboard clicks!

    My keyboard clicks have gone. Not just on Safari, but any app. I have gone into settings and made sure they're on, the volume is up, sound is working, but no clicks. I want them back! Can anyone tell me how please. They have been there all week and I have added no new apps today to force a...
  22. Milliebert

    Case that holds a Keyboard, but doesn't have one already?

    I've scoured the Internet for a case to hold my iPad and my Mac Bluetooth keyboard together. Does anyone know of a case that will do this? There seems to be hundreds that have the keyboard already inside but I want to house my own. Thanks in advance.
  23. Milliebert

    Problem with smart cover

    Hi, I'm new to this forum so I hope this is the right place to post. I've had my iPad for three days and my smart cover has been fine. If you're familiar with the cover, it has two pieces of metal at either end if a long slimmer piece right? Well those two little pieces don't attach at all...