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  1. DM51

    UK - what 3G network is best value?

    Probably like most people, 99% of my time I'm on a WiFi connection, so I'd be interested to hear other members' thoughts on 3G. What do you recommend as good value vs. good coverage? Is there a big difference between the networks? Anyone use pay as you go? Edit: Dang. Just realised I should...
  2. DM51

    iTunes problem - lost 3 films

    iTunes problem - lost 3 films ** FIXED! ** I bought 3 films yesterday using iTunes on my PC, leaving them to download overnight. This morning I connected my iPad to sync and pick up the movies, and immediately got a popup notice saying the new iTunes v10.(?) needed to be downloaded to the PC...
  3. DM51

    Link / unlink settings?

    My iPad is automatically inserting unwanted hyperlinks (blue underlined text) for things like phone #s and times. I don't want these things linked. What is far more annoying, it has deleted a whole lot of links I had stored in the "notes" field in some of my contacts details, and this then...
  4. DM51

    iPad seems totally dead - please HELP !!!

    ** FIXED! ** iPad seems totally dead - please HELP !!! Aaaaargh! My iPad has died! None of the buttons make any difference, no sound, no display, plugging into charger makes no difference, connecting to computer doesn't register on iTunes, NOTHING WORKS!!! If this is a clue to what is...
  5. DM51

    No executable links in 'Contacts'?

    When I did the initial sync with my PC, the stock iPad Contacts app downloaded the info from Outlook and at first glance all was well; however I had a large number of links in notes beneath some contact entries that were executable in Outlook, and these links are not executable on the iPad. They...
  6. DM51

    Speaker systems?

    What speaker systems do you recommend for iPad? I'm looking for speakers that are pretty good quality but not outrageous $$$, neat enough to be portable for travelling, powered either by their own batteries or mains power. Suggestions??
  7. DM51

    How do I delete an icon from the screen?

    Sorry guys, this is dumb question #2 from me... I used the + symbol in Safari to add icons of webpages to the screen. I now want to delete one of them, but I can't work out how to do it. Selecting it in iTunes and pressing delete doesn't work. Any ideas?
  8. DM51

    Selecting text to copy/paste - how?

    I'm used to working with a PC & mouse, where selecting text for copy/paste is easy (click, drag, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, etc etc). How do I do it on the iPad? I've noticed if you double-tap a word, it is selected, but how do I select a sentence or paragraph, or a web link? Sorry for the noooooob...