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  1. NumbLock

    iPad 2 Sold Out - Faster than original iPad. 70% to new users.

    Piper Jaffrey performed an interesting study claiming that the iPad 2 totally sold out in the first weekend, 70% to new buyers. He is sticking to his estimates of 400,000 to 500,000 iPads were sold in the first weekend, more than the original iPad. Source: Piper Jaffray: iPad 2 totally...
  2. NumbLock

    Your Predictions for iPad 2

    So, with all the rumors running around, let's go on the record and crowd-source some ideas. So, what is your prediction for the iPad 2?
  3. NumbLock

    One Year Ago Today...

    One year ago today, Apple sent out the invitations to the "Show Our New Creation" event to occur on January 27th, 2010. It seems like just yesterday that I stopped dreaming of vaporware like the Microsoft Courier and watching fast-running Twitter feeds for anything iPad related, often...
  4. NumbLock

    I'm Baaaack!

    Happy New Year everyone. I had a little vacation.
  5. NumbLock

    Air Display - Use it? Like It?

    I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on getting Air Display for working in Mac apps that have toolbars that clutter up my screen (XCode and PhotoShop). My 15" MacBook Pro seems a little cramped when working. My question is: Does anyone really use Air Display? Ten bucks for an app that I may...
  6. NumbLock

    "Houson, we've got a Problem..."

    Some interesting pieces of history are now being made available by NASA online through Like this gem:
  7. NumbLock

    Advice for a Mac Noob - Make VNC Connections Easier?

    I have iTeleport Connect running on both my Mac and PC. I have no trouble connecting at all. However, in my Mac, when I look at the network, I see my PC under "shared" and I can click "share screen" but it only gives me a white screen. What I have to do is run the Screen Sharing app on my mac...
  8. NumbLock

    Lots of Sales on Apps Going On

    If you have been waiting for your favorite app to drop in price, now may be the time to check one of the popular iTunes aggregator sites like to see if it is on sale. Some of the apps I've seen have been sharply reduced in price. I like AppShopper because they have a good...
  9. NumbLock

    What's up with Randy Moss?

    He is underutilized by the Vikings then gets cut, goes over to the Titans and achieves nothing in the first game. Is he a victim of his own success and draws double-coverage every play? Is he such a handfull that he can't get along with any coach?
  10. NumbLock

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hey American friends - Happy Thanksgiving. My Turkey is stuffed and the oven is preheating.
  11. NumbLock

    iOS 4.2 Video FAQ!

    Some of the staff have volunteered to make a Video FAQ for the new iOS 4.2.1. Here Dannyboy85 walks you through some of the new features: creating folders, moving icons and finding help. Dannyboy85 Multitasking under the hood...
  12. NumbLock

    Why Aren't You Jailbroken?

    I was jailbroken exactly once - with the jailbreak (sorry I've forgotten the name). The thing is, just during the first few seconds of booting, there were a few flashing pixels and IT MADE ME CRAZY that my wonderful user experience was somehow marred. I want to know that my user...
  13. NumbLock

    AirPrint Compatible Printer with Very Good OCR Scanner?

    Hi everyone, I'm in the market for my first printer in years. But I really don't print much. Can someone recommend for me a printer that prints pictures wonderfully, but most importantly can scan OCR text? I'm not interested really in scanning to a image, I want to scan one or two of my...
  14. NumbLock

    Did You Have Problems with iOS 4.2 Update?

    Did you have problems during the iOS 4.2 update or was it smooth sailing? My only problem was the backup took forever. I should have deleted my apps that store date in advance (VLC and GoodReader, for example) . Please don't post problems here, this is for general experiences working problem...
  15. NumbLock

    Post your iOS 4.2 Screen Shots!

    Lets see your iOS 4.2 screen shots. Make it interesting!
  16. NumbLock

    iOS 4.2.1 Available Now - Yes, Really

    This just in! iOS 4.2.1 for iPad has finally officially been released. So head yourself over to iTunes and click that Refresh button. iOS 4.2.1 supports many long-awaited features including folders, multitasking, Gamecenter, AirPlay and printing. Update: And it includes FREE Find My iPhone...
  17. NumbLock

    Omg, i have an amazing announcement to make!!!!

    Tomorrow will be Wednesday! Everybody wake up early and go online to see! People in Australia will be the first to experience this amazing occurrence.
  18. NumbLock

    iTunes Announcement Scheduled for Tomorrow

    On the Apple home page, Apple is talking up a big announcement slated for tomorrow. What could that be? Is it another Ping disappointment, something iOS 4.2 related, is the Mac App Store going live or are we getting something totally new?
  19. NumbLock

    NumbLock's Learning/Creative Corner

    I've spent the last couple of weeks outfitting this and I just couldn't keep it to myself - but my girlfriend just doesn't understand :(
  20. NumbLock

    4.2--Not Today, Maybe Tuesday

    I'm only going to be really disappointed if it isn't before Thanksgiving, but I also was hoping for today. UPDATE: It is being reported that iOS servers have gone down and up repeatedly this morning! UPDATE 2: 4.2.1 released to developers just now. How soon to general release?
  21. NumbLock

    Getting Ready for iOS 4.2 - Read This!

    Hello Everyone, I know that many of you, like me, are anxiously awaiting iOS 4.2 for iPad. This article by The Mac Observer lays out the steps to consider performing while you wait, and even helps you think about if you should and what you'll get by upgrading. If you're jailbroken...
  22. NumbLock

    When to use #define and const

    Hi Devs, I understand that const is a statement and #define is a preprocessor directive, but when should one use one or the other?
  23. NumbLock

    And Thus It Starts...

    And Thus It Starts... Allow myself to introduce... ...myself. I've been a programmer of several languages for Windows for a long time, and before that Assemlber on DOS (GASP!) and I decided it was worth the investment to learn something else. This is my first time owning a Mac. In any case...
  24. NumbLock

    Be The Ultimate Rebel - Download iDOS

    We know that over half of us are PC users, and that according to our own polling, we're not all spring chickens, so if you still have access to a few of your old DOS programs, get iDOS now - who knows how long it will be up. Apparently, it can even run early versions of Windows. I know I...
  25. NumbLock

    91% of iPad owners DO Install Apps, Neilson Corrects

    As is sometimes the case when statistics seem unbelievable, they are. Nielson has just updated their survey showing that one-third of iPad users hadn't downloaded any apps. Now, 91% do have apps installed. But we could have told them that...
  26. NumbLock

    President Obama Signs iPad

    President Obama signs iPad. TiPb has an interesting story about a guy who got Obama to sign his iPad. Source: President Obama signs iPad | TiPb
  27. NumbLock

    An App Steve Jobs won't Like - Gets Approved Anyway

    For those with a sense of style that goes beyond sneakers and running shoes! I thought this was funny in a "I need this" sort of way Blank Label app lets you design, customize, and personalize your button-down shirt Boy Genius Report There is no way to customize your black turtle neck...
  28. NumbLock

    GoodReader Updated to 3.0

    GoodReader for iPad Good.iWare's popular GoodReader app has been updated to 3.0. This update has more to do with PDF annotating, but fixes some bugs as well. The changes include: - PDF Annotation Support - You can now extract files from PDF file attachments - New gestures - The ability to...
  29. NumbLock

    GoodReader Tips

    With the influx of new users who are interested in using the iPad as a general computing device, I've decided to write a little help on what I find is by far my most useful app: GoodReader. So what can you do with GoodReader? Transfer files to your iPad, and organize them Read PDF, MS Office...
  30. NumbLock

    A PC is by far the best...

    ... external hard drive that happens to be able to run iTunes. Am I alone in this? I don't even use my computer any more - he just runs iTunes, converts videos and downloads Football*. I guess in the near future he will be a print server. I hardly even look at my computer any more, I just log...
  31. NumbLock

    Five reasons to ignore the Galaxy Tab and get the iPad

    Five reasons to ignore the Galaxy Tab and get the iPad from PC World The Samsung Galaxy Tab is the first tablet to come along that offers a serious alternative, or poses any notable challenge to the Apple iPad. As formidable as the Samsung tablet seems, though, there are still a number of...
  32. NumbLock

    Who is Hoping for a Facetime Compatible App and Webcam?

    Since FaceTime is supposed to be an open standard, am I alone in hoping for some enterprising dev to support the protocol and a couple of cameras in an App?
  33. NumbLock

    My Solution for iPad Notetaking

    After trying out a ton of apps, I like the results and features of just using Pages (iWork) and SketchBook Pro the best.
  34. NumbLock

    Camping and the iPad - Preliminary Charging Results Inside

    I'm leaving on Monday for a week-long camping trip and of course I want to take my iPad with me, so I'm going to need to charge it! Update: nope, your going to need a much larger panel and probably a much larger storage battery for this to work. I'm giving up now and switching to AC after...
  35. NumbLock

    Finally Good File Management with GoodReaderUSB

    Where Apple and iTunes fail, leave it to developers to shine! :: products :: GoodReader :: Manual :: USB I'm really happy about this.
  36. NumbLock

    Really Frustrated with iPad Today...

    I spent yesterday reconfiguring my router because the kids with their first-generation iPod Touch can get Wi-Fi connection in the yard ten meters farther than my iPad can. I even fiddled with the silly brightness settings like they say that you can try. Still I get occasional dropouts, so I...
  37. NumbLock

    Apple Posts FAQ on Unlocked International iPhones

    Apple posts FAQ on SIM-free (unlocked) international iPhones | TiPb All the Canadians drove to the USA to get their iPad. Looks like it may be reversed for iPhone 4!!
  38. NumbLock

    iPhone 4 - I'm in Love!

    I was blown away by all the new features in iPhone 4. Who is with me? I'm sure I'll still use my iPad for more "fun" things, but I'm chomping at the bit for FaceTime, bigger battery, the new camera (and iMovie!).