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  1. blueridge

    Facetime problem

    yah thats what i was thinking.. going to try it again when she gets here to make sure..
  2. blueridge

    Facetime problem

    My wife and I both got ipads.. she got white and i have black.. anyways.. we tested facetime and it worked fine.. however today she was at college and was gonna try to test facetime from the library there. she can go online and chat with no problems on the ipad 2.. however we tried facetime and...
  3. blueridge

    ipad newbie

    thanks Tim..
  4. blueridge

    imovie on ipad2 can ONLY edit ipad videos

    if someone can find out the exact format we need to convert to then it wouldnt be much of a problem.. one of the things that im disappointed in is they show clips that you know were not filmed with an iphone, ipad, or ipod touch and they are editing them.. yet no other information on what codecs...
  5. blueridge

    ipad newbie

    zup everyone.. just picked up my first ipad being the ipad 2.. im from eastern north carolina.. now living in western nc.. i am a long time computer user/programmer but this is my first apple product that i had to wait in line to purchase.. after the initial ipads release i have watched and...